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LXQt is a bundle of software packages under development, with the aim of providing a complete desktop environment It was formed from the merger of the LXDE and Razor-qt projects


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Dissatisfied with GTK+ 3,2 Hong Jen Yee experimented with Qt in early 20133 and released the first version of a Qt-based PCManFM on 26 March 20132 He clarified, though, that this means no departure from GTK+ in LXDE, saying "The Gtk+ and Qt versions will coexist" He later ported LXDE's Xrandr front-end to Qt4

On 3 July 2013 Hong Jen Yee announced a Qt port of the full LXDE suite5 And on 21 July 2013, Razor-qt and LXDE announced that they decided to merge the two projects67 This merge means that the Gtk+ and the Qt versions will coexist at first but that, eventually, the GTK version will be dropped and all efforts will be focused on the Qt port6 The merger of LXDE-Qt and Razor-qt was renamed LXQt,8 and the first release, version 070, was made available on 7 May 20149 Version 080, bringing with it full Qt 5 compatibility, was made available on 13 October 201410

LXQt version 09 was released in February 2015, featuring heavy internal cleanups and refactorings All compatibility with Qt 4 was dropped, requiring Qt 5 & KDE Frameworks 5 Qt 53 is now the minimum required version11

LXQt version 010 was released in November 201512

LXQt version 011 was released on 24 September 20161 To address concerns that Qt-based apps have heavy memory usage, this release was compared against Xfce, revealing that, after a cold boot, LXQt's memory usage was of 112 Mb, just a bit less than Xfce13

Software componentsedit

LXQt consists of many modular components, some of them depending on Qt and KDE Frameworks 514

Name Dependencies besides Qt Comments
lximage-qt Image viewer of LXQt
lxqt-about About dialog of LXQt
lxqt-config KScreen RandR LXQt system settings center
lxqt-globalkeys KGlobalAccel
lxqt-notificationd LXQt notification daemon
lxqt-panel Solid
lxqt-policykit LXQt Polkit authentication agent
lxqt-powermanagement Solid
lxqt-runner The LXQt application runner
lxqt-session The LXQt session manager
obconf-qt Openbox configuration tool written in Qt
compton-conf GUI configuration tool for Compton X composite manager metacity ⇒ xcompmgr ⇒ dcompmgr ⇒ Compton15
qt-gtk-engine Theming GTK+ 3 programs with Qt styles


  • LXQt Roadmap

See alsoedit

  • Free software portal
  • Razor-qt
  • Comparison of X Window System desktop environments


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