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Lung biopsy

lung biopsy procedure, lung biopsy
A lung biopsy is an interventional procedure performed to diagnose lung pathology by obtaining a small piece of lung which is examined under a microscope12 Beyond microscopic examination for cellular morphology and architecture, special stains and cultures can be performed on the tissue obtained3

A lung biopsy can be performed percutaneously through the skin, typically guided by a CT Scan, via bronchoscopy with ultrasound guidance, or by surgery, either open or by video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery VATS


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  • 2 Risks
    • 21 Pneumothorax
    • 22 Bleeding
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Reasons to performedit

A lung biopsy is performed when a lung lesion is suspicious for lung cancer, or when cancer cannot be distinguished from another disease, such as aspergillosis

Lung biopsy also plays a role in the diagnosis of interstitial lung disease4



Any approach to lung biopsy risks causing a pneumothorax Careful technique can limit this risk, which ranges from less than 1% to about 10% The precise risk of pneumothorax depends on technique and on underlying lung disease, as certain lung diseases such as COPD can increase the risk of pneumothorax Pneumothorax sometimes requires tube thoracostomy


Bleeding can be life-threateneing and can occur in 1 to 4%5


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