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Lü Zhengcao

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Lü Zhengcao simplified Chinese: 吕正操; traditional Chinese: 呂正操; pinyin: Lǚ Zhèngcāo 4 January 1904– 13 October 2009 was a Chinese military officer He was one of the original Shang Jiang of the People's Liberation Army

Lü was born in Haicheng, in the province of Liaoning He joined the Communist Party of China in 1937 He fought in China's war against Japan 1937–1945 as well as the civil war against the Kuomintang 1945–1949

Before he joined the Communists, Lü worked as an assistant to the Kuomintang general, Zhang Xueliang It was in this role that he was a witness to the Xi'an Incident, whereby Zhang and his fellow general, Yang Hucheng, forced the then-Chinese leader, Chiang Kai-shek to suspend the civil war with the Communists in 1936 in order and join forces against the Japanese

Lü resigned from the Kuomintang in 1937 and joined the Communist Party He then commanded a military force that fought the Japanese army in northern China

Following the Communist victory of 1949, Lü served as a senior military leader of the PRC He was appointed as a Shang Jiang general in 1955 following the re-establishment of rank

In 1985, to support the return of the critically endangered Père David's deer to China, Lü Zhengcao helped found and chair the China Milu Foundation, now known as the China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation

On 13 October 2009, Lü died in Beijing at the age of 104 by Western age reckoning, or at the age of 105 by the traditional age system At the time of his death, he was the last survivor of the original generals of the People's Liberation Army


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