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Sazzie formerly known as The Good Natured and Lovestarrs is an English synthpop solo act, consisting of Sarah McIntosh born January 1991 in Highclere, Hampshire on vocals and keyboards, and formerly her brother Hamish McIntosh on bass and George Hinton with whom Sarah became acquainted at university on drums


  • 1 Career
    • 11 2008–2011:Career beginnings, Warriors and Your Body Is A Machine
    • 12 2011–2012:Parlophone, Sketelon and 5-HT
    • 13 2014–2017:Lovestarrs, Get Your Sexy On, Supernova, new EPs, and a debut album
    • 14 2017-Present:Sazzie
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  • 3 Discography
    • 31 Albums
    • 32 Extended plays
    • 33 Singles
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2008–2011:Career beginnings, Warriors and Your Body Is A Machine

Sarah began playing the violin as a child, but felt it was not the right instrument for her, so she turned towards playing the drums She also sang in a choir when she was a child At the age of 14 she salvaged an old Yamaha keyboard while spring cleaning her grandmother's house She taught herself to play the keys and at age 15 began to write her first own songs and founded a band with her brother Hamish Later she went to university to study music, but found that both studying and pursuing her musical career was unmanageable She therefore decided to drop out from university and concentrate on her own music

After attracting thousands of listeners with their first song, "Our Very Last", The Good Natured self-released their debut EP Warriors on 7 July 2008 The EP received a lot of press coverage, especially for the lyrics Their second EP Your Body Is a Machine was released independently as well on 13 September 2009

2011–2012:Parlophone, Sketelon and 5-HT

In March 2011, The Good Natured signed a deal with Regal Recordings and Parlophone, under which they released their EP Skeleton on 20 June 2011 The lead track, Skeleton peaked at No 68 on the German singles top 100 They also signed to Astralwerks in the United States, where they made their debut with the release of Skeleton on 11 October 2011 On 9 December 2012, The Good Natured released their debut single, 5-HT with an accompanying music video The song failed to make an impact on any major charts Also in 2012, The Good Natured and Vince Clarke released the song Ghost Train as a free download

On 28 March 2013, the band announced that their debut album would be titled Prism However, on 25 July 2013, the group announced via their Facebook account that they had been dropped from their label a few months earlier, and had spent the ensuing time in an unsuccessful effort to get the masters back so that they could self-release the album They also stated that the band's final show would be at the Temple of Boom stage at the Secret Garden Party that same month

2014–2017:Lovestarrs, Get Your Sexy On, Supernova, new EPs, and a debut album

On 4 December 2013, they announced on their Facebook page that they will return in 2014 "in a new shape and form" In January 2014, they announced via their Facebook page that they had changed their name to Lovestarrs

On 31 March 2014, Lovestarrs released their debut single, "Get Your Sexy On" The single received very positive reviews, especially from The Guardianwho described the song as "excellent" In September 2014 under their new name, Lovestarrs self-released their first EP, Supernova In support of this, they played shows in England and Sweden

On 12 October 2015, Lovestarrs began a Kickstarter campaign to fund production costs of two upcoming EPs and an album, Andromeda, Cassiopeia, and Planet Lovestarr, respectively, all set for release in 2016 Sarah stated that this was being done so as to retain ownership of their music and enable them to license and release it through their new label DEFDISCO to avoid the issues that they had with Parlophone/EMI The campaign was successful with 107% of their goal reached


On July 3 2017, Sarah posted on Facebook announcing a rebranding of Lovestarrs, becoming a solo act On July 22 2017, Sarah announced her new name to be "Sazzie" She released her first song as Sazzie on July 31 2017 to Youtube; a cover of Kesha's song "Praying"


The Good Natured was compared to La Roux, Ladytron, Lily Allen and Kate Nash Sarah herself described The Good Natured as "dark electronic pop" as well as "electronic pop with heart", citing bands such as Tears for Fears, Japan, Siouxsie and the Banshees and Vince Clarke from Depeche Mode, Yazoo & Erasure as influences

Sarah stated that she is influenced by Katy Perry, Maroon 5 and Gwen Stefani when it comes to Lovestarrs



  • Prism as The Good Natured unreleased
  • Planet Lovestarr 2017

Extended plays

  • Warriors 2008
  • Your Body Is a Machine 2009
  • Skeleton 2011
  • Supernova 2014
  • Get Your Sexy On 2016
  • Somebody Like You 2016


  • Be My Animal 2010
  • Skeleton 2011
  • Video Voyeur 2011
  • Christmas Wrapping with Colette Carr 2012
  • 5-HT 2013
  • Lovers 2013
  • Get Your Sexy On 2014
  • Stupid Cupid 2014
  • Ex Lover 2014


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  • Official website
  • Lovestarrs on Facebook

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