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Louis Riel School Division

louis riel school division, louis riel school division arts and technology centre
The Louis Riel School Division French: Division Scolaire Louis-Riel is a school division in Winnipeg, Manitoba offering English language and French immersion education to its students It was formed through the amalgamation of the St Vital School Division and the St Boniface School Division


  • 1 List of schools
    • 11 Elementary schools
    • 12 Secondary schools
    • 13 Post-secondary schools
    • 14 Learning Centres
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List of schools

Elementary schools

  • Archwood School Grade: K-8
  • Darwin School Grade: K-8
  • Dr D W Penner School Grade: K-6
  • Frontenac School Grade: K-8
  • General Vanier School Grade: K-8
  • École George McDowell Grade: 6-8
  • Glenwood School Grade: K-8
  • École Guyot Grade: K-6
  • H S Paul School Grade: K-8
  • Hastings School Grade: K-8
  • École Henri-Bergeron Grade: K-6
  • Highbury School Grade: K-8
  • École Howden Grade: K-6
  • Island Lakes Community School Grade: K-8
  • École Julie-Riel Grade: K-8
  • Lavallee School Grade: K-8
  • École Marie-Anne-Gaboury Grade: K-8
  • Marion School Grade: K-8
  • Minnetonka School Grade: K-8
  • Niakwa Place School Grade: K-8
  • Nordale School Grade: K-8
  • École Provencher Grade: K-8
  • Samuel Burland School Grade: K-8
  • Shamrock School Grade: K-8
  • St George School Grade: K-8
  • École St Germain Grade: K-5
  • Windsor School Grade: K-8
  • École Van Belleghem Grade: K-6
  • École Varennes Grade: K-8
  • Victor H L Wyatt School Grade: K-8
  • Victor Mager School Grade: K-8
  • Nordale school Grade: K-8

Secondary schools

  • Collège Béliveau Grade: 7-12
  • Collège Jeanne-Sauvé Grade: 9-12
  • Dakota Collegiate Grade: 9-12
  • Glenlawn Collegiate Grade: 9-12
  • J H Bruns Collegiate Grade: 9-12
  • Nelson McIntyre Collegiate Grade: 9-12
  • Windsor Park Collegiate Grade: 9-12

Post-secondary schools

  • Louis Riel Arts & Technology Centre Grade: 11-12 Tech & Post-Secondary

Learning Centres

  • René Deleurme Centre

See also

  • List of school districts in Manitoba

External links

  • Official site

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Louis Riel School Division

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