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Louis Miriani

louis miriani, louis miriani detroit
Louis C Miriani January 1, 1897 – October 18, 1987 was an American politician who served as mayor of Detroit, Michigan 1957–62 He is the most recent Republican mayor of Detroit


Miriani graduated from the University of Detroit Law School1 He was chief counsel and later director of the Detroit Legal Aid Bureau1 He was elected to the Detroit City Council in 1947, and was council president from 1949–19572 He became Mayor in 1957 after the death of Albert Cobo,3 and was elected in his own right shortly afterward by a 6:1 margin over his opponent4 Miriani was best known for completing many of the large-scale urban renewal projects initiated by the Cobo administration, and largely financed by federal money Miriani also took strong measures to overcome the growing crime rate in Detroit5 The United Automobile Workers UAW, then at the height of its size and power, officially endorsed Miriani for reelection, stressing his conservative "law and order" position However, Blacks disagreed with the UAW about Miriani and generally opposed him67

He served until he was defeated for reelection in 1961 by Jerome Cavanagh, in an upset fueled largely by African-American support for Cavanagh8 Under Miriani's administration, Detroit's Cobo Hall and other parts of the Civic Center were completed, and the city's infrastructure was expanded1 He was again elected to the City Council in 19651

In 1969, Miriani was convicted of federal tax evasion of $261,000 and served 294 days in prison1 He retired from politics after his conviction1

Miriani died after a long illness on October 18, 1987 in Pontiac, Michigan1

Political offices
Preceded by
Albert E Cobo
Mayor of Detroit
September 12, 1957 – January 2, 1962
Succeeded by
Jerome Cavanagh


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Further readingedit

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louis miriani, louis miriani detroit

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