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Longue Pointe

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Coordinates: 53°58′2645″N 79°04′4460″W / 539740139°N 790790556°W / 539740139; -790790556 Longue Pointe French for "Long Point" is a place located in northern Quebec, Canada It is part of the Chisasibi First Nation Category I Land land for exclusive use by Cree but has no permanent population It is used by both Cree and Inuit natives as a harbour for their fishing boats

It is among the furthest northern point reached by road in Quebec, extending from the James Bay Road north of the Grand River Only the Trans-Taiga Road extends farther to the north


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Longue Pointe is about 25 kilometres 16 mi north-west from Chisasibi on James Bay, and located on the border of Quebec and Nunavut Territory It is accessible by a 48 kilometres 30 mi gravel road from Hydro-Québec's La Grande-1 generating station, on the Grand River The area overlooks James Bay about 85 kilometres 53 mi south from where it joins Hudson Bay Early European fur traders frequented these parts, around the start of the Hudson's Bay Company

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  • Longe Pointe on Google Maps
  • James Bay Road Website
  • James Bay Hiking Trip


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