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Live from Antarctica

gwar live from antarctica, live video from antarctica
Live from Antarctica is Gwar's first commercial video release on the Metal Blade Records Video label that was sold through major retailers Billed with them playing a live show in Antarctica the packaging reads as quoted; "For the first time you can enjoy an actual Gwar cannibalistic blood orgy invading the privacy of your own home Finally you can experience a live performance in relative safety Those too timid to attend a live Gwar show will appreciate that even though most viewers will suffer permanent brain damage at least they won't get blood all over their latest trendy outfit Laugh in abject horror as Oderous Urungus, The Sexecutioner, Slymenstra Hymen, and company Rape, Burn, and Pillage their way into your heart Join them in their never ending quest for exploitational sex and gratuitous violence" First release was on VHS and the DVD was released in 2002 and is still available

Track listing

  1. "Intro"
  2. "Horror of Yig" Scumdogs of the Universe
  3. "Black and Huge" Scumdogs of the Universe
  4. "The Years Without Light" Scumdogs of the Universe
  5. "World 'O' Filth" Hell-O
  6. "Americanized" Hell-O
  7. "Maggots" Scumdogs of the Universe
  8. "Love Surgery" Scumdogs of the Universe
  9. "Je M'Appelle J Cousteau" Hell-O
  10. "I'm in Love With a Dead Dog" Hell-O
  11. "The Salaminizer" Scumdogs of the Universe
  12. "Sexecutioner" Scumdogs of the Universe
  13. "Sick of You" Scumdogs of the Universe
  14. "Techno's Song" see below
  15. "U Ain't Shit" Hell-O
  16. "Cool Place to Park" Scumdogs of the Universe


The "Techno's Song" performed on this video is actually "The Private Pain of Techno Destructo" featured on "Carnival of Chaos", which was, oddly, released seven years later The choreography for the performance, however, does match the lyrics of "Techno's Song" from Hell-O

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Live from Antarctica

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