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Livadeia Greek: Λιβαδειά Livadiá, pronounced ; Ancient Greek: Λεβάδεια, Lebadeia is a town in central Greece It is the capital of the Boeotia regional district Livadeia lies 90 km 56 mi north-west of Athens, 64 km 40 mi west of Chalkida, 63 km 39 mi south-east of Lamia, 44 km 27 mi east-south-east of Amfissa, and 91 km 57 mi east-north-east of Nafpaktos The town lies some five kilometres 31 mi west of Greek National Road 3, to which it is linked by National Road 48

The area around Livadeia is mountainous, with farming activities mainly confined to the valleys The area has traditionally been associated with the production and processing of cotton and tobacco, as well as the cultivation of cereal crops and the raising of livestock

Livadeia is home to Levadiakos FC, members of the Greek Superleague


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The municipality of Livadeia covers an area of 694016 km2 267961 sq mi, the municipal unit of Livadeia 166691 km2 64360 sq mi and the community 139614 km2 53905 sq mi


View of the Cathedral St George of the city

The municipality Livadeia was formed at the 2011 local government reform by the merger of the following 5 former municipalities, that became municipal units constituent communities in brackets:

  • Chaironeia Agios Vlasios, Akontio, Anthochori, Chaironeia, Profitis Ilias, Prosili, Thouri, Vasilika
  • Davleia Davleia, Mavroneri, Parori
  • Koroneia Agia Anna, Agia Triada, Agios Georgios, Alalkomenes, Koroneia
  • Kyriaki
  • Livadeia Lafystio, Livadeia, Romaiiko

The community Livadeia consists of the following outlying settlements besides the town itself: Agios Nikolaos Livadeias pop: 25, Analypsis Livadeias pop: 184, Elikon pop: 43, Perachora pop: 279, Stathmos pop: 3, Tzimeika pop: 25 and Tsoukalades pop: 149

Historical population

Year Town Municipal unit Municipality
1981 18,885
1991 19,295
2001 20,061 20,769
2011 22,193 22,779 31,315


Pausanias, writing in the 2nd century AD, reported that the original name of the city was Mideia, and that it took its name Lebadeia from Lebados of Athens, who moved the city from high to low ground, to its current location on the banks of the Herkyna river The sacred protector of the city was the hero/god Trophonios, whose oracle, involving a harrowing descent into an underground chamber, was famous beyond the borders of Greece At the springs of the Herkyna river are shallow grottos with niches and marble remnants said to be the site of the oracle On the hill above is a small medieval castle, mostly the work of the Catalan Company during the 14th century, accessible by foot Further west, commanding a dramatic view from the hill of Profitis Ilias, are the remains of a large temple of Zeus Basileus, perhaps begun in the 3rd century BC but never completed The cathedral church of St George houses an important relic, a head of St George, translated to Venice in the 15th century but restored to Livadeia as a gesture of interfaith cooperation in 1999 In medieval times the river was lined by a series of water mills, one of which is preserved

During the Byzantine times Livadeia, enters a period of decline, only in the 9th century some economic growth was depicted During the Frankish Livadeia came back on track, then it passes in Catalan sovereignty The Ottoman domination begins in 1458,when economic and administrative privileges granted to residents, contribute to industry and tradeToday the city is the financial, industrial, commercial center of the lawFinally,Livadeia is also developed in craft, folk art and industry An important source for the economy is also the tourism


Livadeia hosts two sports club with presence in the higher national divisions, Levadiakos FC a football club and Livadeia BC AE Livadeias a basketball club

Sport clubs based in Livadeia
Club Founded Sports Achievements
Levadiakos FC 1961 Football Presence in A Ethniki
Livadeia BC 1994 Basketball Presence in A2 Ethniki


  • Lambros Katsonis, revolutionary
  • Dimitrios Ioannou, military officer

Sister Cities

  • Livadiya, Crimea


See also

  • University of Central Greece
  • Livadiya, Crimea


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External links

  • Municipality of Livadeia official website in Greek
  • The Castle of Levadia Greek Ministry of Culture
  • Public Central Library of Livadeia

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