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List of Wikimedia chapters

list of wikimedia chapters indigo, list of wikimedia chapters canada
Wikimedia chapters are national or sub-national not-for-profit organisations created to promote the interests of Wikimedia projects locally Chapters are legally independent of the Wikimedia Foundation, entering into a "Chapters Agreement" with the Foundation following acceptance by the Affiliations Committee formerly known as "Chapters Committee", and have no control over Foundation websites They organise regional conferences, outreach and global events such as Wikimania As of January 2015 there were 41 recognised Wikimedia chapters

Area Title URL Since
 Argentina Wikimedia Argentina wikimediaorgar 000000002007-09-01-0000September 1, 2007
 Armenia Վիքիմեդիա Հայաստան wikimediaam 000000002013-03-26-0000March 26, 2013
 Australia Wikimedia Australia wikimediaorgau 000000002008-03-01-0000March 1, 2008
 Austria Wikimedia Österreich wikimediaat 000000002008-02-26-0000February 26, 2008
 Bangladesh Wikimedia Bangladesh wikimediaorgbd 000000002011-10-03-0000October 3, 2011
 Belgium Wikimedia Belgium wikimediabe 000000002014-10-08-0000October 8, 2014
 Canada Wikimedia Canada wikimediaca 000000002011-05-24-0000May 24, 2011
 Chile Wikimedia Chile wikimediacl 000000002011-07-16-0000July 16, 2011
 Czech Republic Wikimedia Česká republika wikimediacz 000000002008-03-06-0000March 6, 2008
 Denmark Wikimedia Danmark wikimediadk 000000002009-07-03-0000July 3, 2009
 Estonia Wikimedia Eesti etwikimediaorg 000000002010-08-31-0000August 31, 2010
 Finland Wikimedia Suomi fiwikimediaorg 000000002009-09-21-0000September 21, 2009
 France Wikimédia France wikimediafr 000000002004-10-23-0000October 23, 2004
 Germany Wikimedia Deutschland wikimediade 000000002004-06-13-0000June 13, 2004
 Hong Kong 香港維基媒體協會 wikimediahk 000000002008-03-01-0000March 1, 2008
 Hungary Wikimédia Magyarország wikimediahu 000000002008-09-27-0000September 27, 2008
 India Wikimedia India wikimediain 000000002011-01-03-0000January 3, 2011
 Indonesia Wikimedia Indonesia wikimediaorid 000000002008-10-07-0000October 7, 2008
 Israel Wikimedia Israel wikimediaorgil 000000002007-06-26-0000June 26, 2007
 Italy Wikimedia Italia wikimediait 000000002005-06-17-0000June 17, 2005
 Macau 澳門維基媒體協會 wikimediaorgmo 000000002011-04-24-0000April 24, 2011
 Macedonia Викимедија Македонија mkwikimediaorg 000000002009-09-21-0000September 21, 2009
 Mexico Wikimedia México mxwikimediaorg 000000002011-08-03-0000August 3, 2011
 Netherlands Wikimedia Nederland nlwikimediaorg 000000002006-03-27-0000March 27, 2006
 Norway Wikimedia Norge nowikimediaorg 000000002007-06-23-0000June 23, 2007
 Philippines Wikimedia Philippines wikimediaorgph 000000002010-04-12-0000April 12, 2010
 Poland Wikimedia Polska plwikimediaorg 000000002005-11-18-0000November 18, 2005
 Portugal Wikimedia Portugal wikimediapt 000000002009-07-03-0000July 3, 2009
 Russia Викимедиа РУ ruwikimediaorg 000000002008-05-24-0000May 24, 2008
 Serbia Wikimedia Serbia rswikimediaorg 000000002005-12-03-0000December 3, 2005
 South Africa Wikimedia South Africa wikimediaorgza 000000002012-02-27-0000February 27, 2012
 Spain Wikimedia España wikimediaes 000000002011-02-07-0000February 7, 2011
 Sweden Wikimedia Sverige wikimediase 000000002007-12-11-0000December 11, 2007
  Switzerland Wikimedia CH wikimediach 000000002006-05-14-0000May 14, 2006
 Taiwan 台灣維基媒體協會 wikimediatw 000000002007-07-04-0000July 4, 2007
 Ukraine Вікімедіа Україна uawikimediaorg 000000002009-07-03-0000July 3, 2009
 United Kingdom Wikimedia UK wikimediaorguk 000000002009-01-12-0000January 12, 2009
 Uruguay Wikimedia Uruguay wikimediauruguayorg 000000002013-07-12-0000July 12, 2013
 Venezuela Wikimedia Venezuela wikimediaorgve 000000002011-10-04-0000October 4, 2011
 New York City Wikimedia New York City nycwikimediaorg 000000002009-01-12-0000January 12, 2009
 Washington, DC Wikimedia District of Columbia wikimediadcorg 000000002011-09-12-0000September 12, 2011


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