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List of Swedish Governors-General

A Governor-General, or generalguvernör, was appointed by the Swedish monarch as his permanent representative, with both civil and military jurisdiction, over parts of Sweden, from the 17th century to the early 19th century, when constitutional changes made the office obsolete A Governor-General was always appointed as the highest representative of the Swedish monarch in the Dominions ruled, or the Possessions governed, by Sweden Conquered, and unintegrated, territories were apart from this, more or less allowed to retain their internal political structure

The term viceroy is better reserved for the Stattholder, the representative of the Swedish Monarch in Norway when that neighboring country was in personal union with Sweden, as it concerns a whole kingdom, and notably in the several cases where the incumbent was no lesser than the Swedish Crown prince

Governors-General could also be appointed over parts of Sweden proper, today's Sweden and Finland, and usually consisting of several counties in that part of the country, when circumstances so required When this happened the Royal Governor of each county would report to the Governor-General instead of directly to the Monarch or the Privy Council A Royal Governor, regardless if whether under a Governor-General or not, held the civil, but not the military, jurisdiction over his county The Governors-General were always members of the Privy Council

The list of Governors-General is not complete Some of the listed held the title Governor, not Governor-General


  • 1 Finland
  • 2 Ingria
  • 3 Estonia
  • 4 Livonia
  • 5 Karelia
  • 6 Scania
  • 7 Prussia
  • 8 Pomerania
  • 9 Bremen-Verden
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Main article: Governor-General of Finland

List of Governors-General of Finland:

  • Nils Bielke 1623–1631
  • Gabriel Bengtsson Oxenstierna 1631–1634
  • Per Brahe the younger 1637–1641; 1648–1654
  • Gustaf Evertsson Horn 1657–1658
  • Herman Fleming 1664–1669
  • Henrik Henriksson Horn af Marienborg 1674
  • Carl Nieroth 1710–1712


List of Governors-General of Ingria:

  • Carl Carlsson Gyllenhielm 1617–
  • Nils Assersson Mannersköld 1626–1629
  • Johan Skytte 1629–1633
  • Bengt Bengtsson Oxenstierna 1634–1643
  • Erik Stenbock 1651–1654
  • Gustaf Evertsson Horn 1654–1657
  • Krister Klasson Horn af Åminne 1657–1659
  • Simon Grundel-Helmfelt 1659
  • Jacob Johan Taube 1660–1668
  • Simon Grundel-Helmfelt 1668–1673
  • Jacob Johan Taube 1673–1681
  • Martin Schultz von Ascheraden 1681–1682 governor
  • Hans von Fersen dä 1682–1683 governor
  • Göran Sperling 1683–1690
  • Otto Wilhelm von Fersen 1691–1698
  • Otto Vellingk 1698–1708


List of Governors-General of Estonia:

  • Anders Torstenson 1674–1681
  • Robert Lichton 1681–1687
  • Nils Turesson Bielke 1687
  • Axel Julius De la Gardie 1687–1704
  • Wolmar Anton von Schlippenbach 1704–1706
  • Niels Jonsson Stromberg af Clastorp 1706–1709
  • Carl Nieroth 1709–1710


List of Governors-General of Livonia:

  • Jacob De la Gardie 1622–1628
  • Johan Skytte 1629–1634
  • Bengt Oxenstierna 1634–1643
  • Herman Wrangel 1643
  • Magnus Gabriel De la Gardie 1655–
  • Jacob Johan Hastfer 1687–1695
  • Erik Dahlberg 1696–1702
  • Carl Gustaf Frölich 1702–1706
  • Adam Ludwig Lewenhaupt 1706–1709
  • Henrik Otto Albedyll 1709
  • Niels Jonsson Stromberg af Clastorp 1709–1710


List of Governors-General of Karelia:

  • Johan Skytte 1629–1634


The Scanian Dominion Skånska Generalguvernementet in Swedish, was established after the Treaty of Roskilde in 1658 and initially included all of Skåneland In 1660, Bornholm was returned to Denmark Blekinge, which had been part of Kristianstad County while under the dominion, was removed in 1680 and placed under Kalmar County The dominion was suspended in 1670, but recreated during the Scanian War In 1675, Bohus County was added and it remained administered by the Scanian Governors-General until 1693 Halland County was removed from the dominion in 1693 and for the periods 1693–1719 and 1801–1809, the dominion included the counties in the province of Scania only

List of Governors-General of Scania:

  • Gustaf Otto Stenbock 1658–1664 Bornholm was returned to Denmark in 1660
  • Gustaf Persson Banér 1664–1669
  • Fabian von Fersen 1676–1677
  • Göran Sperling 1677–1679
  • Johan Gyllenstierna 1679–1680
  • Rutger von Ascheberg 1680–1693 Bohus County added 1675; Blekinge removed 1680

List of Governors-General of Scania the province only:

  • Otto Vellingk 1693–1698
  • Carl Gustaf Rehnskiöld July 4, 1698–December 27, 1705
  • Magnus Stenbock December 27, 1705–1711
  • Jacob Burenskiöld 1711–1716
  • Carl Gustaf Skytte 1716–1719
  • Carl Gustaf Hård 1717–1719
  • Johan Christopher Toll February 9, 1801–March 27, 1809


List of Governors-General of Prussia:

  • Axel Oxenstierna 1626–1631


List of Governors-General of Pomerania:

  • Carl Gustaf Wrangel 1648–
  • Otto Wilhelm Königsmarck 1679–1685
  • Nils Bielke 1687–1698
  • Jürgen Mellin 1698–1711
  • Johan August Meijerfeldt the elder 1713–1747
  • Filip Julius Bernhard von Platen
  • Hans Henrik von Liewen 1766–1772
  • Fredrik Vilhelm von Hessenstein 1776–1791
  • Eric Ruuth 1792–1796
  • Hans Henric von Essen 1800–1815


List of Governors-General of Bremen-Verden:

Main article: Governors-General in Bremen-Verden under Swedish Rule
  • Jurgen Mellin 1696–1698
  • Nils Carlsson Gyllenstierna af Fogelvik 1698–1711
  • Mauritz von Vellingk 1711–1712


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