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List of special elections to the United States House of Representatives in New York

This is a list of special elections held in the congressional districts in the State of New York to fill vacancies which were caused either by the resignation or death of representatives-elect before their term began, or by the resignation or death of the incumbent representatives


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District Vacator Election
Successor Took seat
2nd New York 1st James Townsend F died April 26 to 28, 1791 Thomas Tredwell D-R October 24, 1791
6th New York 1st Jonathan N Havens D-R died December 1799 John Smith D-R February 27, 1800
7th New York 5th Thomas Tillotson D-R res October 1801 Theodorus Bailey D-R December 7, 1801
New York 6th John Bird F res John P Van Ness D-R
8th New York 7th John Cantine D-R res April 26 to 28, 1803 Josiah Hasbrouck D-R October 17, 1803
New York 6th Isaac Bloom D-R died September 1803 Daniel C Verplanck D-R
New York 1st John Smith D-R el US Sen April 24 to 26, 1804 Samuel Riker D-R November 5, 1804
New York 3rd Samuel L Mitchill D-R el US Sen December 1804 George Clinton, Jr D-R February 14, 1805
9th New York 2nd
New York 3rd1
Daniel D Tompkins D-R res October 1804 Gurdon S Mumford D-R March 4, 18052
Samuel L Mitchill D-R el US Sen December 1804 George Clinton, Jr D-R March 4, 18053
10th New York 12th David Thomas D-R res April 26 to 28, 1808 Nathan Wilson D-R November 7, 1808
11th New York 2nd William Denning D-R res April 24 to 26, 1810 Samuel L Mitchill D-R December 4, 1810
12th New York 6th Robert Le Roy Livingston F res December 15 to 17, 1812 Thomas P Grosvenor F January 29, 1813
13th New York 15th William Dowse F died April 27 to 29, 1813 John M Bowers F June 21, 18134
Isaac Williams, Jr D-R January 24, 18145
New York 2nd Egbert Benson F res December 28 to 30, 1813 William Irving D-R January 22, 1814
14th New York 6th Jonathan Fisk D-R res April 25 to 27, 1815 James W Wilkin D-R December 4, 1815
New York 12th Benjamin Pond D-R died Asa Adgate D-R December 7, 1815
New York 21st Peter B Porter D-R res April 23 to 25, 1816 Archibald S Clarke D-R December 2, 1816
New York 20th Enos T Throop D-R res September 1816 Daniel Avery D-R December 3, 1816
15th New York 4th Henry B Lee D-R died April 28 to 30, 1817 James Tallmadge, Jr D-R December 1, 1817
17th New York 6th Selah Tuthill D-R died November 6 to 8, 1821 Charles Borland, Jr D-R December 3, 1821
New York 9th Solomon Van Rensselaer F res February 25 to 27, 1822 Stephen Van Rensselaer F March 12, 1822
18th New York 28th William B Rochester D-R res 1823 William Woods D-R December 1, 1823
20th New York 29th David E Evans J res November 5 to 7, 1827 Phineas L Tracy A December 3, 1827
20th New York 5th Thomas J Oakley J res November 3 to 5, 1828 Thomas Taber II J December 1, 1828
District Con-
Date Vacator Successor
New York 6th 21st December 6, 1830 Hector Craig D Samuel W Eager NR
New York 20th 21st December 6, 1830 Silas Wright NR Jonah Sanford D
New York 3rd 23rd December 1, 1834 Cornelius V Lawrence D John J Morgan D
New York 3rd 23rd December 1, 1834 Dudley Selden D Charles G Ferris D
New York 3rd 24th December 7, 1835 Campbell P White D Gideon Lee D
New York 17th 24th December 5, 1836 Samuel Beardsley D Rutger B Miller D
New York 30th 24th December 6, 1836 Philo C Fuller NR John Young NR
New York 22nd 25th December 3, 1838 Andrew D W Bruyn D Cyrus Beers D
New York 29th 25th December 3, 1838 William Patterson W Harvey Putnam W
New York 11th 26th December 7, 1840 Anson Brown W Nicholas B Doe W
New York 26th 27th May 31, 1841 Francis Granger W John Greig W
New York 20th 28th December 2, 1844 Samuel Beardsley D Levi D Carpenter D
New York 12th 29th December 7, 1846 Richard P Herrick W Thomas C Ripley W
New York 6th 30th November 7, 1848 David S Jackson D Horace Greeley W
New York 27th 30th December 4, 1848 John M Holley W Esbon Blackmar W
New York 12th 33rd December 4, 1854 Gilbert Dean D Isaac Teller W
New York 29th 33rd December 5, 1853 Azariah Boody W Davis Carpenter W
New York 22nd 33rd December 4, 1854 Gerrit Smith FS Henry C Goodwin W
New York 4th 35th January 17, 1859 John Kelly D Thomas J Barr D
New York 31st 36th December 5, 1860 Silas M Burroughs R Edwin R Reynolds R
New York 14th 38th December 7, 1863 Erastus Corning D John V L Pruyn D
New York 1st 38th December 5, 1864 Henry G Stebbins D Dwight Townsend D
New York 16th 39th December 3, 1866 Orlando Kellogg D Robert S Hale D
New York 3rd 39th December 4, 1866 James Humphrey R John W Hunter D
New York 21st 40th November 30, 1867 Roscoe Conkling R Alexander H Bailey R
New York 28th 41st December 6, 1870 Noah Davis R Charles H Holmes R
New York 6th 43rd November 4, 1873 James Brooks D Samuel S Cox D
New York 3rd 43rd November 3, 1874 Stewart L Woodford R Simeon B Chittenden R
New York 9th 43rd December 7, 1874 David B Mellish R Richard Schell D
New York 33rd 44th December 6, 1875 Augustus F Allen R Nelson I Norton R
New York 7th 44th January 11, 1877 Smith Ely, Jr D David Dudley Field D
New York 16th 45th December 2, 1878 Terence J Quinn D John M Bailey R
New York 12th 46th December 1, 1879 Alexander Smith D Waldo Hutchins D
New York 32nd 46th December 6, 1880 Ray V Pierce R Jonathan Scoville D
New York 11th 47th December 5, 1881 Levi P Morton R Roswell P Flower D
New York 22nd 47th December 5, 1881 Warner Miller R Charles R Skinner R
New York 27th 47th December 5, 1881 Elbridge G Lapham R James W Wadsworth R
New York 8th 49th December 7, 1885 Samuel S Cox D Timothy J Campbell D
New York 9th 49th December 6, 1886 Joseph Pulitzer D Samuel S Cox D
New York 15th 49th December 6, 1886 Lewis Beach D Henry Bacon D
New York 19th 50th December 5, 1887 Nicholas T Kane D Charles Tracey D
New York 19th 50th December 5, 1887 Frank Hiscock R James J Belden R
New York 6th 51st November 30, 1889 Frank T Fitzgerald D Charles H Turner D
New York 9th 51st December 2, 1889 Samuel S Cox D Amos J Cummings D
New York 27th 51st December 2, 1889 Newton W Nutting R Sereno E Payne R
New York 24th 51st December 1, 1890 David Wilber R John S Pindar D
New York 2nd 52nd December 7, 1891 David A Boody D Alfred C Chapin D
New York 10th 52nd December 7, 1891 Francis B Spinola D W Bourke Cockran D
New York 12th 52nd December 7, 1891 Roswell P Flower D Joseph J Little D
New York 22nd 52nd December 7, 1891 Leslie W Russell R N Martin Curtis R
New York 14th 53rd February 14, 1894 John R Fellows D Lemuel E Quigg R
New York 15th 53rd February 14, 1894 Ashbel P Fitch D Isidor Straus D
New York 10th 54th December 2, 1895 Andrew J Campbell R Amos J Cummings D
New York 3rd 55th December 6, 1897 Francis H Wilson R Edmund H Driggs D
New York 34th 56th December 4, 1899 Warren B Hooker R Edward B Vreeland R
New York 2nd 74th November 5, 1935 William Brunner D William B Barry D
New York 22nd 74th November 5, 1935 Anthony J Griffin D Edward W Curley D
New York 4th 78th June 6, 1944 Thomas H Cullen D John J Rooney D
New York 5th 82nd February 19, 1952 T Vincent Quinn D Robert T Ross R
New York 6th 87th February 20, 1962 Lester Holtzman D Benjamin S Rosenthal D
New York 39th 94th March 2, 1976 James F Hastings R Stanley N Lundine D
New York 18th 95th February 14, 1978 Edward I Koch D S William Green R
New York 21st 95th February 14, 1978 Herman Badillo D Robert Garcia D
New York 7th 98th March 1, 1983 Benjamin S Rosenthal D Gary L Ackerman D
New York 6th 99th July 10, 1986 Joseph P Addabbo D Alton R Waldon, Jr D
New York 14th 101st March 20, 1990 Guy Molinari R Susan Molinari R
New York 18th 101st March 20, 1990 Robert Garcia D Jose Serrano D
New York 17th 102nd November 3, 1992 Ted Weiss D Jerrold Nadler D
New York 13th 105th November 4, 1997 Susan Molinari R Vito Fossella R
New York 6th 105th February 3, 1998 Floyd Flake D Gregory W Meeks D
New York 20th 111th March 31, 2009 Kirsten Gillibrand D Scott Murphy D
New York 23rd 111th November 3, 2009 John M McHugh R Bill Owens D
New York 29th 111th November 2, 2010 Eric Massa D Tom Reed R
New York 26th 112th May 24, 2011 Chris Lee R Kathy Hochul D
New York 9th 112th September 13, 2011 Anthony Weiner D Bob Turner R
New York 11th 113th May 5, 2015 Michael Grimm D Dan Donovan R


  1. ^ At this time, in the 2nd and the 3rd District 2 congressmen were elected on a general ticket
  2. ^ Tompkins had been elected in April, and resigned in July 1804 This time the special election was held before the congressional term began, thus Mumford held office during the entire legal term
  3. ^ Mitchill had been re-elected in April, and resigned in November 1804 A special election was held in December 1804 or January 1805 to fill both vacancies, the remainder of Mitchill's term in the 8th Congress and the full term in the 9th Congress Clinton took the seat in the 8th Congress, and held office during the entire legal term of the 9th Congress
  4. ^ Bowers was declared elected, and took the seat during the first session of the 13th Congress
  5. ^ Williams, Jr, contested the election of Bowers, and was declared entitled to the seat at the beginning of the second session of the 13th Congress

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