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List of songs about Seattle

list of songs about seattle
This is a list of songs about Seattle

  • "Seattle" by Jason Walker 2009
  • "50K Deep" by Blue Scholars 2007
  • "Aurora" by Foo Fighters 1999
  • "Aurora Bridge" by The Young Fresh Fellows 1987
  • "The Ave" by Blue Scholars 2004
  • "Baby, I'm an Anarchist" by Against Me! 2001
  • "Belltown Ramble" by Robyn Hitchcock 2006
  • "The Best I Ever Had" by The Swellers 2011
  • "Big Homie Style" feat JPinder, GMK & Spaceman by Jake One 2008
  • "Chains" by Patty Loveless 1988
  • "City Don't Sleep" by Macklemore 2005
  • "City of Orphans" by The Classic Crime 2012
  • "Claiming the City" by Macklemore
  • "Cool City" by The Cute Lepers 2007
  • "Cowboy Boots" by Macklemore 2012
  • "The Day Seattle Died" by Cold 2002
  • "Emerald City" by United State of Electronica 2005
  • "Evergreen Christmas" by Loni Rose 1993
  • "Fool for you Seattle" by Robbie Krantz 20141
  • "Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge on Seattle" by Nirvana 1993
  • "Fuck You Seattle" by Broadway Calls 2006
  • "The Gates of Ballard" by Sunn O 2003
  • "Gold" by Macklemore 2012
  • "Hang My Hat in Ballard" by Stan Boreson
  • "Home" by Jake One 2008
  • "Hello Seattle" by Owl City 2007
  • "Inkwell" by Blue Scholars 2004
  • "Interstate 5" by The Wedding Present 2004
  • "Jet City Woman" by Queensrÿche 1991
  • "Love Love Love" by The Mountain Goats 2005
  • "Moving to Seattle" by The Material 2007
  • "The Mud Shark" by The Mothers 1971
  • "My Oh My" by Macklemore 2010
  • "New Way Home" by Foo Fighters 1996
  • "NxNW Remix" by Blue Scholars ft Jake One and Macklemore
  • "Pike Street/Park Slope" by Harvey Danger 2000
  • "Posse on Broadway" by Sir Mix-a-Lot 1988
  • "Ringway to SeaTac" by The Wedding Present 2004
  • "School" by Nirvana 1989
  • "Seatown Funk" by Kid Sensation 1995
  • "Seattle" by The Classic Crime 2007
  • "Seattle" by Cop Shoot Cop 1993
  • "Seattlantis" by The Fall of Troy 2006/2007
  • "Seattle" by Jeffrey Lewis 2001
  • "Seattle" written by Hugo Montenegro, Jack Keller and Ernie Sheldon; and recorded by Perry Como and Bobby Sherman; theme song of Here Come the Brides 1968
  • "Seattle" by Public Image Limited 1987
  • "Seattle" by Mark Knopfler
  • "Seattle" by The Hot Toddies 20072
  • "Seattle Ain't Bullshittin'" by Sir Mix-a-Lot 1991
  • "Seattlehead" by Duff McKagan 2000
  • "Seattle Hunch" by Jelly Roll Morton
  • "Seattle On The Puget Sound" written by Oscar William Holden; recorded by Dave L Holden
  • "Seattle the Peerless City" by Arthur O Dillon 1909 official song of Seattle3
  • "Seattle, WA" by The Jim Yoshii Pile-Up
  • "Seattle Was a Riot" by Anti-Flag 2001
  • "September in Seattle" by Shawn Mullins 1995
  • "The Shadow of Seattle" by Marcy Playground 1996
  • "Sick of Seattle" by The Smithereens 1994
  • "Slick Watts" by Blue Scholars 2011
  • "Sub Pop Rock City" by Soundgarden 1986–1988
  • "Summer Night in Seattle" by Jenna Drey 2012
  • "Sunny in Seattle" by Blake Shelton 2011
  • "Talkin' Seattle Grunge Rock Blues" by Todd Snider 1994
  • "Teardrop Windows" by Benjamin Gibbard 2012
  • "This Place Is a Prison" by The Postal Service 2001/2002
  • "The Town" by Macklemore 2009
  • "Vagabonds" by The Classic Crime 2010
  • "The View from Home" by Bryan Bowers 1977
  • "Viaduct" by Posse 2012
  • "Viva! Sea-Tac" by Robyn Hitchcock 1999
  • "Welcome to Seattle" by Boom Bap Project
  • "Work in Progress" by Set Your Goals 2006
  • "Wir sind hier nicht in Seattle, Dirk" by Tocotronic


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list of songs about seattle

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List of songs about Seattle

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List of songs about Seattle
List of songs about Seattle
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