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List of rivers of Utah

This is a list of rivers in the US state of Utah in the United States, sorted by watershed

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  • 1 Colorado River
  • 2 Great Salt Lake
  • 3 Other Great Basin
  • 4 Snake River
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Colorado Riveredit

The Colorado River is a major river in the Western United States, emptying into the Gulf of California Rivers are listed upstream by the point they empty into the Colorado

  • Meadow Valley Wash is located entirely in Nevada, but its watershed has several extremely small portions in Utah
  • Virgin River
    • Beaver Dam Wash
    • Santa Clara River
    • Fort Pearce Wash
    • East Fork Virgin River
    • North Fork Virgin River
  • Kanab Creek
  • Paria River
    • Buckskin Gulch
  • San Juan River
    • Chinle Creek
    • Montezuma Creek
    • McElmo Creek
  • Escalante River
    • Coyote Gulch
  • Dirty Devil River
    • Fremont River
      • Sulphur Creek
        • Sand Creek
    • Muddy Creek
  • Green River
    • San Rafael River
    • Price River
      • White River
    • Range Creek
    • Willow Creek
    • White River
    • Duchesne River
      • Uinta River
        • Whiterocks River
      • Strawberry River
    • Ashley Creek
    • Brush Creek
    • Jones Hole Creek Diamond Gulch
    • Cart Creek Cart Creek
    • Carter Creek Carter Creek
    • Sheep Creek
    • Henrys Fork
    • Blacks Fork
      • Muddy Creek
  • Kane Springs Creek
  • Dolores River
    • La Sal Creek

Great Salt Lakeedit

The Great Salt Lake is the largest lake in the Great Basin Rivers are listed in a clockwise direction

  • Bear River
    • Malad River
    • Little Bear River
      • Logan River
    • Cub River
    • Bear Lake
  • Weber River
    • Ogden River
    • Dalton Creek
  • Jordan River
    • City Creek
    • Red Butte Creek
    • Emigration Creek
    • Parley's Creek
    • Mill Creek
    • Big Cottonwood Creek
    • Little Cottonwood Creek
    • Bingham Creek
    • Willow Creek
    • Midas Creek
    • Dry Creek
    • Utah Lake
      • American Fork River
      • Provo River
      • Hobble Creek
      • Spanish Fork River

Other Great Basinedit

A number of other drainage systems are located in the Great Basin

  • Curlew Valley
  • Escalante Desert
  • Great Salt Lake Desert
    • Miry Wash
      • Grouse Creek
        • Thousand Springs Creek
  • Hamlin Valley
  • Pilot Creek Valley
  • Pine Valley
  • Rush Valley
    • Harker Creek
  • Sevier Lake
    • Sevier River
      • Beaver River
      • San Pitch River
      • Mammoth Creek
      • Clear Creek
      • East Fork Sevier River
  • Skull Valley
  • Snake Valley
  • Tooele Valley
  • Tule Valley
  • Wah Wah Valley

Snake Riveredit

The Snake River, which flows into the Pacific Ocean via the Columbia River, does not enter Utah, but some of its tributaries drain northwestern Utah

  • Goose Creek
  • Raft River

See alsoedit

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