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List of rivers of Rhode Island

This is a list of rivers in the US state of Rhode Island Rivers in bold are considered major rivers either geographically or historically


  • 1 By stream network
    • 11 West of Narragansett Bay
    • 12 Narragansett Bay
    • 13 East of Narragansett Bay
  • 2 Alphabetically
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By stream networkedit

All rivers eventually empty into the Atlantic Ocean Rivers are listed in order from west to east along the coastline, with tributary rivers listed from downstream to upstream along main stem rivers

West of Narragansett Bayedit

  • Thames River Connecticut
    • Quinebaug River Connecticut
      • Five Mile River
        • Leeson Brook
      • Moosup River
        • Quaduck Brook
  • Pawcatuck River
    • Ashaway River
      • Green Fall River
    • Wood River
      • Flat River
    • Beaver River
    • Usquepaug River
      • Queen River
    • Chipuxet River

Narragansett Bayedit

  • Saugatucket River
  • Pettaquamscutt River
    • Mattatuxet River
  • Annaquatucket River
  • Pine River
  • Potowomut River
    • Hunt River
  • Maskerchugg River
  • Providence River
    • Pawtuxet River
      • Pocasset River
      • North Branch Pawtuxet River
        • Moswansicut River
        • Ponaganset River
      • South Branch Pawtuxet River
        • Mishnock River
        • Big River
          • Carr River
          • Congdon River
          • Nooseneck River
        • Flat River
    • Woonasquatucket River
      • Stillwater River
    • Moshassuck River
      • West River
    • Seekonk River
      • Ten Mile River
        • Sevenmile River
        • Wilde River
      • Blackstone River
        • Abbott Run
          • Millers River
        • Peters River
        • Mill River
        • Branch River
          • Chepachet River
          • Clear River
            • Nipmuc River
              • Chockalog River
            • Pascoag River
  • Warren River
    • Barrington River
      • Runnins River
    • Palmer River

East of Narragansett Bayedit

  • Kickamuit River
  • Sakonnet River
    • Maidford River
      • Maiford River
    • Quaket River


1Abbott Run 2Annaquatucket River 3Ashaway River 4Barrington River 5Beaver River 6Big River 7Blackstone River 8Branch River 9Carr River 10Chepachet River 11Chipuxet River 12Chockalog River 13Clear River 14Congdon River 15Flat River Kent County, Rhode Island 16Flat River Washington County, Rhode Island 17Green Fall River 18Hunt River 19Kickamuit River 20Maidford River 21Maiford River 22Maskerchugg River 23Mattatuxet River 24Mill River 25Millers River 26Mishnock River 27Moosup River 28Moshassuck River 292Moswansicut River 30Nipmuc River 31Nooseneck River 32North Branch Pawtuxet River 33Palmer River 34Pascoag River 35Pawcatuck River 36Pawtuxet River 37Peters River 38Pettaquamscutt River 39Pine River 40Pocasset River 41Ponaganset River 42Potowomut River 43Providence River 44Quaket River 45Queen River 46Runnins River 47Sakonnet River 48Saugatucket River 49Seekonk River 50Sevenmile River 51South Branch Pawtuxet River 52Stillwater River 53Ten Mile River 54Usquepaug River 55Warren River 56West River 57Wilde River 58Wood River 59Woonasquatucket River

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