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List of rivers of New Mexico

This is a list of rivers in the US state of New Mexico arranged by drainage basin, with respective tributaries indented under each larger stream's name


  • 1 East of the Continental Divide
    • 11 Mississippi Watershed
    • 12 Rio Grande Watershed
    • 13 Interior Basin
  • 2 West of the Continental Divide
    • 21 Colorado Watershed
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East of the Continental Divideedit

Mississippi Watershededit

  • Mississippi River LA,AR
    • Arkansas River AR,OK
      • Canadian River
        • North Canadian River OK
          • Beaver River commonly marked as North Canadian River
        • Punta de Agua Creek TX
          • Rita Blanca Creek TX
            • Carrizo Creek
          • Tramperos Creek
        • Ute Creek
        • La Cinta Creek
        • Conchas River
        • Mora River
          • Sapello River
        • Cimarron River
        • Vermejo River
      • Dry Cimarron River
      • Purgatoire River

Rio Grande Watershededit

  • Rio Grande
    • Pecos River
      • Delaware River
      • Black River
      • Rio Penasco
      • Rio Felix
      • Rio Hondo Southern New Mexico
        • Berrendo River
        • Rio Bonito
        • Rio Ruidoso
      • Arroyo del Macho
        • Gallo Arroyo
      • Taiban Creek
      • Pintada Arroyo
      • Gallinas River
    • Alamosa Creek
    • Rio Salado
    • Rio Puerco
      • Rio San Jose
      • Arroyo Chico
    • Jemez River
    • Santa Fe River
    • Pojoaque River
      • Rio Chupadero
    • Rio Chama
      • Rio Ojo Caliente
        • Rio Vallecitos
        • Rio Tusas
      • Rio del Oso
      • El Rito
      • Rio Puerco
      • Rio Gallina
        • Rio Capulin
      • Rio Cebolla
      • Rio Nutrias
      • Rio Brazos
      • Rio Chamita
    • Embudo Creek
    • Rio Pueblo de Taos
    • Rio Hondo Northern New Mexico
    • Red River

Interior Basinedit

  • Mimbres River

West of the Continental Divideedit

Colorado Watershededit

  • Colorado River AZ,UT,CO
    • Gila River
      • San Francisco River
        • Tularosa River
    • Little Colorado River AZ
      • Puerco River
        • Black Creek Arizona
      • Zuni River
        • Rio Nutria Zuni River
        • Rio Pescado Zuni River
    • San Juan River
      • Chaco River
      • La Plata River
      • Animas River
      • Los Pinos River
      • Navajo River

See alsoedit

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External linksedit

  • USGS Geographic Names Information Service
  • USGS Hydrologic Unit Map - State of New Mexico 1974

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