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List of political parties in South Korea

list of political parties in south korea
This article lists political parties in South Korea South Korea has a weakly institutionalized multi-party system,12 characterized by frequent changes in party arrangements Political parties have a chance of gaining power alone


  • 1 Current parties
    • 11 Main parties
    • 12 Extra-parliamentary parties
  • 2 Defunct parties
    • 21 Conservative parties
      • 211 Mainstream parties
      • 212 Minor parties
    • 22 Liberal parties
      • 221 Mainstream parties
      • 222 Minor parties
    • 23 Progressive parties
    • 24 Green parties
    • 25 Banned parties
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Current partiesedit

Main partiesedit

In addition to 21 independents, six political parties are present in the 20th National Assembly forming a total of 299:

Party Assembly
Party leader Floor leader Position Ideology Comments
  Democratic Party of Korea DPK
120 Choo Mi-ae Woo Won-shik Centre-left34 Liberalism
Social liberalism
see: Liberalism in South Korea
Liberal; merged from the Democratic Party and the minor New Political Vision Party
  Liberty Korea Party LKP
107 Hong Jun-pyo Jeong Woo-taek Centre-right56789 to Right-wing1011 Conservatism see: Conservatism in South Korea
Conservative; formerly called the Saenuri Party
  People's Party PP
40 Park Joo-sun
Kim Dong-cheol Centre Liberalism
see: Liberalism in South Korea
Liberal; splintered from the Democratic Party of Korea
  Bareun Party BP
20 Lee Hye-hoon Joo Ho-young Centre-right Liberal conservatism12 see: Conservatism in South Korea
Conservative; splintered from the Saenuri Party
Justice Party JP
6 Sim Sang-jung Roh Hoe-chan Centre-left13 to Left-wing14 Progressivism See: Progressivism in South Korea
Progressive; splintered from the Unified Progressive Party

Extra-parliamentary partiesedit

  • Labor Party 노동당, Nodongdang
  • Christian Liberal Party 기독자유당; Gidok jayudang
  • Socialist Revolutionary Workers' Party 사회변혁노동자당; Sahoebyeonhyeoknodongjadang
  • Green Party Korea 녹색당, Noksaekdang
  • Hannara Party 한나라당, Hannaradang
  • New Party 2018 늘푸른한국당, Neulpureun hangukdang
  • People's New Party for Reform 개혁국민신당, Gaehyeok gukminsindang
  • People's United Party 민중연합당, Minjung yeonhapdang
  • Green Buddhist United Party 그린불교연합당, Geurin bulgyo yeonhapdang
  • International Green Party 국제녹색당, Gukje noksaekdang
  • Republican Party 공화당, Gonghwadang
  • Saenuri Party 2017 새누리당, Saenuridang

Defunct partiesedit

Timeline of all mainstream political parties

Conservative partiesedit

Main article: Conservatism in South Korea

Mainstream partiesedit

  • National Alliance for the Rapid Realization of Korean Independence 1946-1951
  • Liberal Party 1951–1960
  • Democratic Republican Party 1963–1980
  • Democratic Justice Party 1981–1990
  • Democratic Liberal Party → New Korea Party 1990–1997

Minor partiesedit

  • Korean Resistance Party 1945–1950
  • Federation Korean National Independence 1947-1951
  • Korea National Party 1947-1958
  • Democratic Unification Party 1973–1980
  • Korean National Party → New Democratic Republican Party 1981–1990
  • United People's Party → Democratic Party 1992-1995
  • United Liberal Democrats 1995–2006
  • People First Party 2005–2008
  • Liberty Forward Party → Advancement Unification Party 2008-2012
  • Pro-Park Coalition → Future Hope Alliance 2008-2012

Liberal partiesedit

Main article: Liberalism in South Korea

Mainstream partiesedit

  • Korea Democratic Party → Democratic National Party 1945-1955
  • Democratic Party 1955-1961
  • Civil Rule Party 1963-1965
  • People's Party → New Democratic Party 1965–1980
  • Democratic Korea Party 1981-1988
  • New Korea Democratic Party 1984–1988
  • Reunification Democratic Party 1987–1990
  • Party for Peace and Democracy → Peaceful Democratic Party 1987–1991
  • Democratic Party 1991–1995
  • National Congress for New Politics 1995-2000
  • Millennium Democratic Party → Democratic Party 2000–2008
  • The People's Party for Freedom → Uri Party 2002–2007
  • United New Democratic Party 2007–2008
  • United Democratic Party → Democratic Party 2008–2011
  • Democratic United Party → Democratic Party 2011–2014

Minor partiesedit

  • Democratic Party 1963-1965
  • Democratic Party 1990–1991
  • Democratic Party 1995–1997
  • The Participation Party 2010-2011
  • New Political Vision Party 2014
  • Minjoo Party 2014-2016

Progressive partiesedit

Main article: Progressivism in South Korea
  • Preparatory Committee for National Construction → People's Party of Korea → People's Labor Party 1945-1950
  • Workers' Party of South Korea 1946-1953
  • Socialist Party 1951-1953
  • Progressive Party 1956-1958
  • United Socialist Party of Korea 1961 ~ 1967
  • Hangyore Democratic Party 1988-1991
  • People's Party 1988
  • The People's Party 1990-1992
  • People's Victory 21 → Democratic Labor Party 1997-2011
  • Youth Progressive Party → Socialist Party → Korea Socialist Party → Socialist Party 1998–2012
  • New Progressive Party 2008–2012

Green partiesedit

  • Korea Greens 2004-2008

Banned partiesedit

  • Progressive Party 1956-1958
  • Anti-Imperialist National Democratic Front 1969-1985
  • National Democratic Front of South Korea 1985-2005
  • Democratic Labor Party + The Participation Party → Unified Progressive Party15 2011-2014

See alsoedit

  • List of ruling political parties by country
  • Politics of South Korea
  • List of Korea-related topics


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  • The present state of registered political parties, National Election Commission of S Korea
  • The present state of political parties registration, National Election Commission of S Korea, May 29, 2008

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