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List of placental mammals

definition of placental mammals, list of placental mammals
List of placental mammals contains the placental mammals The class Mammalia mammals is divided into two subclasses based on reproductive techniques: Monotremes, which lay eggs, and therians, mammals which give live birth, which has two infraclasses: Marsupials, pouched mammals and placental mammals See List of monotremes and marsupials, and for the clades and families, see mammal classification Classification updated from Wilson and Reeder's Mammal Species of the World: A Taxonomic and Geographic Reference using the Planet' Mammifères website[1]


  • 1 Infraclass Metatheria Marsupials
  • 2 Infraclass Eutheria Placentals
  • 3 Magnorder Atlantogenata
    • 31 Superorder Afrotheria
      • 311 Clade Afroinsectiphilia
        • 3111 Order Tubulidentata Aardvarks
        • 3112 Clade Afroinsectivora
          • 31121 Order Macroscelidea Elephant Shrews
          • 31122 Order Afrosoricida Tenrecs & golden moles
      • 312 Clade Paenungulata
        • 3121 Order Hyracoidea Hyraxes
        • 3122 Clade Tethytheria
          • 31221 Order Proboscidea Elephants
          • 31222 Order Sirenia Dugongs & manatees
    • 32 Superorder Xenarthra
      • 321 Order Cingulata Armadillos
      • 322 Order Pilosa
        • 3221 Suborder Vermilingua Anteaters
        • 3222 Suborder Folivora Sloths
  • 4 Magnorder Boreoeutheria
    • 41 Superorder Euarchontoglires
      • 411 Grandorder Euarchonta
        • 4111 Mirorder Primatomorpha
          • 41111 Order Scandentia Treeshrews
          • 41112 Order Dermoptera Colugos
          • 41113 Order Primates
      • 412 Grandorder Glires
        • 4121 Order Rodentia
        • 4122 Order Lagomorpha
    • 42 Superorder Laurasiatheria
      • 421 Order Eulipotyphla
      • 422 Clade Ferungulata
        • 4221 Order Chiroptera Bats
        • 4222 Order Pholidota Pangolins
        • 4223 Order Cetacea
        • 4224 Order Carnivora
        • 4225 Order Perissodactyla Odd-toed ungulates
          • 42251 Suborder Hippomorpha
          • 42252 Suborder Ceratomorpha
        • 4226 Order Artiodactyla Even-toed ungulates
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Infraclass Metatheria Marsupials

  • See List of monotremes and marsupials

Infraclass Eutheria Placentals

Magnorder Atlantogenata

Superorder Afrotheria

Clade Afroinsectiphilia

Order Tubulidentata Aardvarks Aardvark Orycteropus afer
  • Family Orycteropodidae
    • Genus Orycteropus
      • Aardvark Orycteropus afer
Clade Afroinsectivora Order Macroscelidea Elephant Shrews Elephant Shrew Rhynchocyon petersi

The Elephant Shrew has 19 species in 4 genera

  • Family Macroscelidae
    • Genus Elephantulus
      • Short-snouted elephant shrew, Elephantulus brachyrhynchus
      • Cape elephant shrew, Elephantulus edwardii
      • Dusky-footed elephant shrew, Elephantulus fuscipes
      • Dusky elephant shrew, Elephantulus fuscus
      • Bushveld elephant shrew, Elephantulus intufi
      • Eastern rock elephant shrew, Elephantulus myurus
      • Karoo rock elephant shrew, Elephantulus pilicaudus[2]
      • Somali elephant shrew, Elephantulus revoili
      • North African elephant shrew, Elephantulus rozeti
      • Rufous elephant shrew, Elephantulus rufescens
      • Western rock elephant shrew, Elephantulus rupestris
    • Genus Macroscelides
      • Namib round-eared sengi, Macroscelides flavicaudatus
      • Etendaka round-eared sengi, Macroscelides micus
      • Round-eared elephant shrew, Macroscelides proboscideus
    • Genus Petrodromus
      • Four-toed elephant shrew, Petrodromus tetradactylus
    • Genus Rhynchocyon
      • Golden-rumped elephant shrew, Rhynchocyon chrysopygus
      • Checkered elephant shrew, Rhynchocyon cirnei
      • Black and rufous elephant shrew, Rhynchocyon petersi
      • Grey-faced sengi, R udzungwensis [3]
Order Afrosoricida Tenrecs & golden moles A tenrec
  • Family Tenrecidae tenrecs
    • Subfamily Geogalinae
      • Genus Geogale
        • Large-eared tenrec Geogale aurita
    • Subfamily Oryzorictinae
      • Genus Limnogale
        • Web-footed tenrec Limnogale mergulus
      • Genus Microgale
        • Short-tailed shrew tenrec Microgale brevicaudata
        • Cowan's shrew tenrec Microgale cowani
        • Dobson's shrew tenrec Microgale dobsoni
        • Drouhard's shrew tenrec Microgale drouhardi
        • Dryad shrew tenrec Microgale dryas
        • Pale shrew tenrec Microgale fotsifotsy
        • Gracile shrew tenrec Microgale gracilis
        • Naked-nosed shrew tenrec Microgale gymnorhyncha
        • Jenkins' shrew tenrec Microgale jenkinsae
        • Northern shrew tenrec Microgale jobihely
        • Lesser long-tailed shrew tenrec Microgale longicaudata
        • Major's long-tailed tenrec Microgale majori
        • Montane shrew tenrec Microgale monticola
        • Nasolo's shrew tenrec Microgale nasoloi
        • Pygmy shrew tenrec Microgale parvula
        • Greater long-tailed shrew tenrec Microgale principula
        • Least shrew tenrec Microgale pusilla
        • Shrew-toothed shrew tenrec Microgale soricoides
        • Taiva shrew tenrec Microgale taiva
        • Talazac's shrew tenrec Microgale talazaci
        • Thomas's shrew tenrec Microgale thomasi
      • Genus Oryzorictes
        • Mole-like rice tenrec Oryzorictes hova
        • Four-toed rice tenrec Oryzorictes tetradactylus
    • Subfamily Potamogalinae
      • Genus Micropotamogale
        • Nimba otter shrew Micropotamogale lamottei
        • Ruwenzori otter shrew Micropotamogale ruwenzorii
      • Genus Potamogale
        • Giant otter shrew Potamogale velox
    • Subfamily Tenrecinae
      • Genus Echinops
        • Lesser hedgehog tenrec Echinops telfairi
      • Genus Hemicentetes
        • Highland streaked tenrec Hemicentetes nigriceps
        • Lowland streaked tenrec Hemicentetes semispinosus
      • Genus Setifer
        • Greater hedgehog tenrec Setifer setosus
      • Genus Tenrec
        • Tailless tenrec Tenrec ecaudatus
  • Family Chrysochloridae golden moles Golden mole
    • Subfamily Chrysochlorinae
      • Genus Carpitalpa
        • Arends' golden mole Carpitalpa arendsi
      • Genus Chlorotalpa
        • Duthie's golden mole Chlorotalpa duthieae
        • Sclater's golden mole Chlorotalpa sclateri
      • Genus Chrysochloris
        • Cape golden mole Chrysochloris asiatica
        • Visagie's golden mole Chrysochloris visagiei
        • Stuhlmann's golden mole Chrysochloris stuhlmanni
      • Genus Chrysospalax
        • Giant golden mole Chrysospalax trevelyani
        • Rough-haired golden mole Chrysospalax villosus
      • Genus Cryptochloris
        • De Winton's golden mole Cryptochloris wintoni
        • Van Zyl's golden mole Cryptochloris zyli
      • Genus Eremitalpa
        • Grant's golden mole Eremitalpa granti
    • Subfamily Amblysominae
      • Genus Amblysomus
        • Fynbos golden mole Amblysomus corriae
        • Hottentot golden mole Amblysomus hottentotus
        • Marley's golden mole Amblysomus marleyi
        • Robust golden mole Amblysomus robustus
        • Highveld golden mole Amblysomus septentrionalis
      • Genus Calcochloris
        • Congo golden mole Calcochloris leucorhinus
        • Yellow golden mole Calcochloris obtusirostris
        • Somali golden mole Calcochloris tytonis
      • Genus Neamblysomus
        • Juliana's golden mole Neamblysomus julianae
        • Gunning's golden mole Neamblysomus gunningi

Clade Paenungulata

Order Hyracoidea Hyraxes Cape hyrax Procavia capensis
  • Family Procaviidae
    • Genus Dendrohyrax
      • Southern tree hyrax Dendrohyrax arboreus
      • Western tree hyrax Dendrohyrax dorsalis
    • Genus Heterohyrax
      • Yellow-spotted rock hyrax Heterohyrax brucei
    • Genus Procavia
      • Cape hyrax Procavia capensis
Clade Tethytheria Order Proboscidea Elephants African bush elephant Loxodonta africana
  • Family Elephantidae
    • Genus Loxodonta
      • African forest elephant Loxodonta cyclotis
      • African bush elephant Loxodonta africana
    • Genus Elephas
      • Asian elephant Elephas maximus
Order Sirenia Dugongs & manatees West Indian manatee Trichechus manatus
  • Family Dugongidae
    • Genus Dugong
      • Dugong Dugong dugon
    • Genus Hydrodamalis
      • †Steller's sea cow Hydrodamalis gigas
  • Family Trichechidae
    • Genus Trichechus Manatees
      • West Indian manatee Trichechus manatus
      • African manatee Trichechus senegalensis
      • Amazonian manatee Trichechus inunguis
      • Dwarf manatee Trichecus pygmaeus – validity questionable

Superorder Xenarthra

Order Cingulata Armadillos

Armadillo Glyptotherium restoration
  • Family Dasypodidae
    • Genus Dasypus
      • Nine-banded armadillo Dasypus novemcinctus
      • Seven-banded armadillo Dasypus septemcinctus
      • Southern long-nosed armadillo Dasypus hybridus
      • Llanos long-nosed armadillo Dasypus sabanicola
      • Greater long-nosed armadillo Dasypus kappleri
      • Hairy long-nosed armadillo Dasypus pilosus
      • Yepes's mulita Dasypus yepesi
  • Family Chlamyphoridae
    • Subfamily Chlamyphorinae
      • Genus Calyptophractus
        • Greater fairy armadillo, Calyptophractus retusus
      • Genus Chlamyphorus, Chlamyphorus truncatus
        • Pink fairy armadillo, Chlamyphorus truncatus
    • Subfamily Euphractinae
      • Genus Euphractus
        • Six-banded armadillo, Euphractus sexcinctus
      • Genus Zaedyus
        • Pichi, Zaedyus picky
      • Genus Chaetophractus
        • Screaming hairy armadillo, Chaetophractus vellerosus
        • Big hairy armadillo, Chaetophractus villosus
        • Andean hairy armadillo, Chaetophractus nationi
    • Subfamily Tolypeutinae
      • Genus Cabassous
        • Greater naked-tailed armadillo, Cabassous tatouay
        • Chacoan naked-tailed armadillo, Cabassous chacoensis
        • Northern naked-tailed armadillo, Cabassous centralis
        • Southern naked-tailed armadillo, Cabassous unicinctus
      • Genus Priodontes
        • Giant armadillo, Priodontes maximus
      • Genus Tolypeutes
        • Southern three-banded armadillo, Tolypeutes matacus
        • Brazilian three-banded armadillo, Tolypeutes tricinctus

Order Pilosa

10 extant species in 4 families, all in the Americas, comprising anteaters and sloths

Silky anteater Suborder Vermilingua Anteaters
  • Family Cyclopedidae
    • Genus Cyclopes
      • Silky anteater, Cyclopes didactylus
  • Family Myrmecophagidae
    • Genus Myrmecophaga
      • Giant anteater, Myrmecophaga tridactyla
    • Genus Tamandua
      • Northern tamandua, Tamandua mexicana
      • Southern tamandua, Tamandua tetradactyla
Suborder Folivora Sloths
  • Family Bradypodidae three-toed sloths Brown-throated sloth
    • Genus Bradypus
      • Pygmy three-toed sloth, Bradypus pygmaeus
      • Brown-throated sloth, Bradypus variegatus
      • Pale-throated three-toed sloth, Bradypus tridactylus
      • Maned three-toed sloth, Bradypus torquatus
  • Family Megalonychidae two-toed sloths
    • Genus Choloepus
      • Hoffman's two-toed sloth, Choloepus hoffmanni
      • Linnaeus's two-toed sloth, Choloepus didactylus

Magnorder Boreoeutheria

Superorder Euarchontoglires

Grandorder Euarchonta

Mirorder Primatomorpha Order Scandentia Treeshrews

There are 20 species placed in five genera; all are from Southeast Asia

  • Family Ptilocercidae
    • Genus Ptilocercus
      • Pen-tailed treeshrew Ptilocercus lowii
  • Family Tupaiidae A tupaiidae
    • Genus Anathana
      • Madras treeshrew, Anathana ellioti
    • Genus Dendrogale
      • Bornean smooth-tailed treeshrew, Dendrogale melanura
      • Northern smooth-tailed treeshrew, Dendrogale murina
    • Genus Tupaia
      • Northern treeshrew, Tupaia belangeri
      • Golden-bellied treeshrew, Tupaia chrysogaster
      • Striped treeshrew, Tupaia dorsalis
      • Common treeshrew, Tupaia glis
      • Slender treeshrew, Tupaia gracilis
      • Horsfield's treeshrew, Tupaia javanica
      • Long-footed treeshrew, Tupaia longipes
      • Pygmy treeshrew, Tupaia minor
      • Calamian treeshrew, Tupaia moellendorffi
      • Mountain treeshrew, Tupaia montana
      • Nicobar treeshrew, Tupaia nicobarica
      • Palawan treeshrew, Tupaia palawanensis
      • Painted treeshrew, Tupaia picta
      • Ruddy treeshrew, Tupaia splendidula
      • Large treeshrew, Tupaia tana
    • Genus Urogale
      • Mindanao treeshrew, Urogale everetti
Order Dermoptera Colugos Sunda flying lemur
  • Family Cynocephalidae
    • Genus Cynocephalus
      • Philippine flying lemur Cynocephalus volans
    • Genus Galeopterus
      • Sunda flying lemur Galeopterus variegatus
Order Primates Galago Otolemur crassicaudatus Main article: List of primates
  • Lemur
  • Lorid
  • Galago
  • Tarsier
  • Monkey
  • Ape including Humans

Grandorder Glires

Order Rodentia Main article: List of rodents
  • Mouse
  • Rat
  • Squirrel
  • Chipmunk
  • Gopher
Order Lagomorpha Desert cottontail Sylvilagus audubonii Main article: List of placental mammals in Order Lagomorpha
  • Hare
  • Rabbit
  • Pika

Superorder Laurasiatheria

Order Eulipotyphla

Four-toed hedgehog North African hedgehog Southern African hedgehog
  • Family Solenodontidae
    • Genus Solenodon
      • †Giant solenodon, Solenodon arredondoi
      • †Marcano's solenodon, Solenodon marcanoi
      • Cuban solenodon, Solenodon cubanus
      • Hispaniolan solenodon, Solenodon paradoxus
  • Family Talpidae
    • Subfamily Uropsilinae shrewmoles
      • Genus Uropsilus
        • Anderson's shrew mole, Uropsilus andersoni
        • Gracile shrew mole, Uropsilus gracilis
        • Inquisitive shrew mole, Uropsilus investigator
        • Chinese shrew mole, Uropsilus soricipes
    • Subfamily Neurotrichinae American shrew mole
      • Genus Neurotrichus
        • American shrew mole, Neurotrichus gibbsii
    • Subfamily Desmaninae diving moles
      • Genus Desmana
        • Russian desman, Desmana moschata
      • Genus Galemys
        • Pyrenean desman, Galemys pyrenaicus
    • Subfamily Talpinae
      • Tribe Talpini
        • Genus Euroscaptor
          • Greater Chinese mole, Euroscaptor grandis
          • Kloss's mole, Euroscaptor klossi
          • Long-nosed mole, Euroscaptor longirostris
          • Malaysian mole Euroscaptor malayana
          • Himalayan mole, Euroscaptor micrura
          • Japanese mountain mole, Euroscaptor mizura
          • Small-toothed mole, Euroscaptor parvidens
          • Euroscaptor subanura
        • Genus Mogera
          • Echigo mole, Mogera etigo
          • Insular mole, Mogera insularis
          • Kano mole, Mogera kanoana
          • Kobe mole, Mogera kobeae
          • Small Japanese mole, Mogera imaizumii
          • Large mole, Mogera robusta
          • Sado mole, Mogera tokudae
          • Japanese mole, Mogera wogura
          • Senkaku mole, Mogera uchidai
        • Genus Parascaptor
          • White-tailed mole, Parascaptor leucura
        • Genus Scaptochirus
          • Short-faced mole, Scaptochirus moschatus
        • Genus Talpa
          • Altai mole, Talpa altaica
          • Blind mole, Talpa caeca
          • Caucasian mole, Talpa caucasica
          • European mole, Talpa europaea
          • Père David's mole, Talpa davidiana
          • Levant mole, Talpa levantis
          • Spanish mole, Talpa occidentalis
          • Roman mole, Talpa romana
          • Balkan mole, Talpa stankovici
      • Tribe Condylurini
        • Genus Condylura
          • Star-nosed mole, Condylura cristata
      • Tribe Scalopini
        • Genus Parascalops
          • Hairy-tailed mole, Parascalops breweri
        • Genus Scalopus
          • Eastern mole common mole, Scalopus aquaticus
        • Genus Scapanulus
          • Gansu mole, Scapanulus oweni
        • Genus Scapanus western North American moles
          • Anthony's Mexican mole, Scapanus anthonyi
          • Broad-footed mole, Scapanus latimanus
          • Coast mole, Scapanus orarius
          • Townsend's mole, Scapanus townsendii
      • Tribe Scaptonychini
        • Genus Scaptonyx
          • Long-tailed mole, Scaptonyx fusicaudus
      • Tribe Urotrichini
        • Genus Dymecodon
          • True's shrew mole, Dymecodon pilirostris
        • Genus Urotrichus
          • Japanese shrew mole, Urotrichus talpoides
  • Family Erinaceidae
    • Subfamily Erinaceinae Hedgehogs
      • Genus Atelerix
        • Four-toed hedgehog, Atelerix albiventris
        • North African hedgehog, Atelerix algirus
        • Southern African hedgehog, Atelerix frontalis
        • Somali hedgehog, Atelerix sclateri
      • Genus Erinaceus
        • Amur hedgehog, Erinaceus amurensis
        • Southern white-breasted hedgehog, Erinaceus concolor
        • European hedgehog, Erinaceus europaeus
        • Northern white-breasted hedgehog, Erinaceus roumanicus
      • Genus Hemiechinus
        • Long-eared hedgehog, Hemiechinus auritus
        • Indian long-eared hedgehog, Hemiechinus collaris
      • Genus Mesechinus
        • Daurian hedgehog, Mesechinus dauuricus
        • Hugh's hedgehog, Mesechinus hughi
      • Genus Paraechinus
        • Desert hedgehog, Paraechinus aethiopicus
        • Brandt's hedgehog, Paraechinus hypomelas
        • Indian hedgehog, Paraechinus micropus
        • Bare-bellied hedgehog, Paraechinus nudiventris
    • Subfamily Galericinae gymnures or moonrats
      • Genus Echinosorex
        • Greater moonrat, Echinosorex gymnura
      • Genus Hylomys
        • Long-eared gymnure, Hylomys megalotis
        • Dwarf gymnure, Hylomys parvus
        • Short-tailed gymnure or Lesser Moonrat, Hylomys suillus
      • Genus Neohylomys
  • Family Soricidae Shrews A southern short-tailed shrew

Clade Ferungulata

Order Chiroptera Bats Large-eared pied bat Main article: List of bats
  • Bat
Order Pholidota Pangolins An Indian pangolin
  • Family Manidae
    • Genus Manis
      • Indian pangolin Manis crassicaudata
      • Chinese pangolin Manis pentadactyla
      • Asian giant pangolin Manis paleojavanica †
      • Sunda pangolin Manis javanica
      • Philippine pangolin Manis culionensis
    • Genus Phataginus
      • Tree pangolin Phataginus tricuspis
      • Long-tailed pangolin Phataginus tetradactyla
    • Genus Smutsia
      • Giant pangolin Smutsia gigantea
      • Ground pangolin Smutsia temmincki
Order Cetacea A Commerson's dolphin Main article: List of cetaceans See also: List of extinct cetaceans
  • Whale
  • Dolphin
  • Porpoises
Order Carnivora Collie dog Main article: List of species in order Carnivora
  • Cat
  • Lion, and other feliformia
  • Dog
  • Bear
  • Weasel
  • Seal, and other caniformia
Order Perissodactyla Odd-toed ungulates Tibetan wild ass

Known as odd-toed ungulates, their rear hooves consist of an odd number of toes

Suborder Hippomorpha
  • Family Equidae horses and allies
    • Equus ferus
      • Tarpan †, Equus ferus ferus
      • Przewalskis horse, Equus ferus przewalskii
      • Domestic horse, Equus ferus caballus
    • African wild ass Equus africanus
      • Domesticated ass donkey Equus africanus asinus
    • Onager or Asiatic ass, Equus hemionus
    • Kiang or Tibetan wild ass, Equus kiang
    • Plains zebra, Equus quagga
      • Quagga, † Equus quagga quagga
      • Burchells zebra, Equus quagga burchellii
      • Grants zebra, Equus quagga boehmi
      • Maneless zebra Equus quagga borensis
      • Chapmans zebra, Equus quagga chapmani
      • Crawshays zebra, Equus quagga crawshayi
      • Selous zebra, Equus quagga selousi
      • Mountain zebra, Equus zebra
      • Cape mountain zebra, Equus zebra zebra
      • Hartmanns mountain zebra, Equus zebra hartmannae
      • Grevys zebra, Equus grevyi
Suborder Ceratomorpha
  • Family Tapiridae Tapirs
    • Genus Tapirus
      • Brazilian tapir, Tapirus terrestris
      • Mountain tapir, Tapirus pinchaque
      • Baird's tapir, Tapirus bairdii
      • Malayan tapir, Tapirus indicus
      • Kabomani tapir, Tapirus kabomani
  • Family Rhinocerotidae Rhinoceroses Sumatran Rhinos
    • Genus Diceros
      • Black rhinoceros, Diceros bicornis
      • Sumatran rhinoceros, Dicerorhinus sumatrensis
    • Genus Ceratotherium
      • White rhinoceros, Ceratotherium simum
    • Genus Rhinoceros
      • Indian rhinoceros, Rhinoceros unicornis
      • Javan rhinoceros, Rhinoceros sondaicus
Order Artiodactyla Even-toed ungulates Bactrian camel Camelus bactrianus Main article: List of placental mammals in Order Artiodactyla

These are the Even-toed ungulate

  • Pig
  • Camel
  • Cattle
  • Deer

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See also

  • Mammal classification
  • List of prehistoric mammals
  • List of recently extinct mammals
  • List of monotremes and marsupials


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