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List of mammalogists

list of mammalogists definition, list of mammalogists salary
This is a list of notable mammalogists, in alphabetical order by surname


  • 1 A-D
  • 2 E-H
  • 3 I-L
  • 4 M-P
  • 5 Q-T
  • 6 U-Z


  • Roy Chapman Andrews USA
  • Vernon Bailey USA
  • Magdalena Bermejo Republic of Congo/Spain
  • William Thomas Blanford UK
  • Tim Clutton-Brock UK
  • Juliane Diller Koepcke Germany
  • Stephen D Durrant USA


  • Tim Flannery Australia
  • Dian Fossey USA
  • Bryan P Glass USA
  • Edward Alphonso Goldman USA
  • Jane Goodall UK
  • John Edward Gray UK
  • Donald Griffin USA
  • Joseph Grinnell USA
  • Bernhard Grzimek Germany
  • David Harrison UK
  • Philip Hershkovitz USA
  • Hopi Hoekstra USA


  • Thomas C Jerdon UK
  • Karl Koopman USA
  • Charles Krebs Canada
  • John Alden Loring USA
  • Marcus Ward Lyon, Jr USA
  • Richard Lydekker UK


  • David W Macdonald UK
  • Martha Maxwell USA
  • C Hart Merriam USA
  • Gerrit S Miller USA
  • James L Patton USA
  • Oliver Payne Pearson USA
  • Wilhelm Peters Germany
  • Reginald Innes Pocock UK


  • Mazin Qumsiyeh Palestine
  • George Schaller Germany
  • David J Schmidly USA
  • George Gaylord Simpson USA
  • Ian Stirling Canada
  • Oldfield Thomas UK


  • Don E Wilson USA

list of mammalogists definition, list of mammalogists salary

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List of mammalogists

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List of mammalogists
List of mammalogists
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