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List of Indian documentary films

This is a list of Indian documentary films arranged in alphabetical order

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Title Year Language Directors Ref
3D Stereo Caste 2012 Malayalam A S Ajith Kumar
7 Notes to Infinity 2012 English Shrenik Rao
Amar Lenin 1970 Bengali Ritwik Ghatak
Baavra Mann 2013 English Jaideep Varma
Bala 1976 English Satyajit Ray
Bharat Darshan 1972 Hindi Khwaja Ahmad Abbas
Bharat Katha 1965 Hindi Khwaja Ahmad Abbas
Bombay: Our City 1985 English, Hindi Anand Patwardhan
Celluloid Man 2012 English, Hindi, Kannada, Bengali Shivendra Singh Dungarpur
Char Shaher Ek Kahani 1968 Hindi Khwaja Ahmad Abbas
Dharti Ki Pukar 1967 Hindi Khwaja Ahmad Abbas
Dr Iqbal 1978 Hindi Khwaja Ahmad Abbas
Eid Mubarak 1960 Hindi Khwaja Ahmad Abbas
Gir Game Sanctuary 1961 Hindi Khwaja Ahmad Abbas
Gulabi Gang 2012 in Dubai;
2014 in India
Hindi, Bundeli Nishtha Jain
Hindustan Hamara 1983 Hindi Khwaja Ahmad Abbas
I Can Love Too 2011 English, Kannada Mrinmoy Bhowmick
Inshallah, Kashmir 2012 Kashmiri, Urdu, Hindi,English Ashvin Kumar
Jai Bhim Comrade 2011 English, Hindi, Marathi Anand Patwardhan
Jyanto Durga Durga Live 2010 English, Bengali Arin Paul
Juhu 1973 Hindi Khwaja Ahmad Abbas
Kal Ki Baat 1973 Hindi Khwaja Ahmad Abbas
Laloorinu Parayanullathu 2012 Malayalam Sathish Kalathil
Naga Story: The Other Side of Silence 2003 Nagamese, Meitei, English and 14 Naga languages Gopal Menon
Papa Miya of Aligarh 1975 Hindi Khwaja Ahmad Abbas
Phir Bolo Aaye Sant Kabir 1976 Hindi Khwaja Ahmad Abbas
Rabindranath Tagore 1961 English Satyajit Ray
Ramkinkar Baij 1975 Bengali Ritwik Ghatak
Red Ant Dream 2013 Gondi, Oriya, Punjabi with English and Hindi subtitles Sanjay Kak
Riding Solo to the Top of the World 2006 English Gaurav Jani
Sikkim 1971 English Satyajit Ray
Silent Ghungroos 2006 English Gauri Warudi
Sukumar Ray 1987 Bengali Satyajit Ray
Sustainable Urban Sanitation 2017 English, Bengali, Hindi Arin Paul
Teen Ghaaranay 1963 Hindi Khwaja Ahmad Abbas
The Inner Eye 1972 English Satyajit Ray
Tomorrow Shall Be Better 1965 Hindi Khwaja Ahmad Abbas
Veena Vaadanam 2008 Malayalam Sathish Kalathil
War and Peace 2002 English, Hindi Anand Patwardhan
Ram-Path 2017 English, Hindi Ashish Dubey & Ishan Jacob

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