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List of human genes

complete list of human genes, list of human genes with tata boxes
The human genome is the complete set of nucleic acid sequences for humans, encoded as DNA within the 23 chromosome pairs in cell nuclei and in a small DNA molecule found within individual mitochondria Human genomes include both protein-coding DNA genes and noncoding DNA Haploid human genomes, which are contained in germ cells the egg and sperm gamete cells created in the meiosis phase of sexual reproduction before fertilization creates a zygote consist of three billion DNA base pairs, while diploid genomes found in somatic cells have twice the DNA content While there are significant differences among the genomes of human individuals on the order of 01%,[1] these are considerably smaller than the differences between humans and their closest living relatives, the chimpanzees approximately 4%[2] and bonobos

Here are lists of human genes by chromosome:

  • Chromosome 1 human
  • Chromosome 2 human
  • Chromosome 3 human
  • Chromosome 4 human
  • Chromosome 5 human
  • Chromosome 6 human
  • Chromosome 7 human
  • Chromosome 8 human
  • Chromosome 9 human
  • Chromosome 10 human
  • Chromosome 11 human
  • Chromosome 12 human
  • Chromosome 13 human
  • Chromosome 14 human
  • Chromosome 15 human
  • Chromosome 16 human
  • Chromosome 17 human
  • Chromosome 18 human
  • Chromosome 19 human
  • Chromosome 20 human
  • Chromosome 21 human
  • Chromosome 22 human
  • Chromosome X human
  • Chromosome Y human

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  2. ^ Varki A, Altheide TK Dec 2005 "Comparing the human and chimpanzee genomes: searching for needles in a haystack" Genome Research 15 12: 1746–58 doi:101101/gr3737405 PMID 16339373 

External links

  • iHOP-Protein Information Database
  • NextBio-Life Science Search Engine
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  • TranscriptomeBrowser

complete list of human genes, list of human genes with tata boxes, pictures of human genes

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List of human genes

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