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List of dams and reservoirs in Germany

list of dams and reservoirs in germany map, list of dams and reservoirs in germany 2017
These are dams and reservoirs in Germany

The German word Talsperre literally: valley barrier may mean dam, but it is often used to include the associated reservoir as well[1] The reservoirs are often separately given names ending in -see, -teich or -speicher which are the German words for "lake", "pond" and "reservoir", but in this case all may also be translated as "reservoir" The more specific word for the actual dam is Staumauer and for the lake is Stausee


  • 1 Baden-Württemberg
  • 2 Bavaria
  • 3 Brandenburg
  • 4 Hesse
  • 5 Lower Saxony
  • 6 North Rhine-Westphalia
  • 7 Saxony
  • 8 Saxony-Anhalt
  • 9 Thuringia
  • 10 See also
  • 11 References


  • Kleine Kinzig Dam
  • Nagold Dam
  • Schluchsee - highest reservoir lake in Germany and largest lake in the Black Forest
  • Schwarzenbach Dam


  • Ellertshäuser See
  • Großer Brombachsee
  • Forggensee
  • Frauenau Dam
  • Sylvenstein Dam


  • Spremberg Reservoir


  • Aar Dam
  • Affoldern Reservoir
  • Antrift Dam
  • Diemelsee reservoir
  • Driedorf Reservoir
  • Edersee

Lower Saxony

  • Ecker Dam
  • Grane Dam
  • Innerste Dam
  • Oder Dam
  • Oderteich
  • Oker Dam
  • Söse Dam
  • Wendebach Dam

North Rhine-Westphalia

  • Aabach Dam
  • Agger Dam
  • Ahauser Reservoir
  • Baldeney Reservoir
  • Bever Dam
  • Beyenburg Reservoir
  • Biggesee
  • Borchen Flood Control Basin
  • Breitenbach Dam
  • Bruchbachtal-Büderich Flood Control Basin
  • Bruch Dam
  • Dahlhausen Dam
  • Diepental Dam
  • Große Dhünn Dam
  • Dreilägerbach Dam
  • Ebbinghausen Flood Control Basin
  • Eicherscheid Flood Control Basin
  • Eiserbach Dam
  • Ennepe Dam
  • Eringerfeld Flood Control Basin
  • Eschbach Dam
  • Esmecke Reservoir
  • Fuelbecke Dam
  • Fürwigge Dam
  • Genkel Dam
  • Glingebach Dam
  • Glör Dam
  • Gollentaler Grund Flood Control Basin
  • Hengsteysee
  • Kall Dam
  • Kemnader See
  • Möhne Reservoir
  • Olef Dam
  • Perlenbach Dam
  • Rur Dam
  • Sorpe Reservoir
  • Urft Dam
  • Wahnbach Dam
  • Wehebach Dam
  • Wupper Dam


  • Altenberg Reservoir
  • Bautzen Reservoir
  • Borna Reservoir
  • Buschbach Flood Control Basin
  • Carlsfeld Dam
  • Cranzahl Dam
  • Dörnthaler Teich
  • Dröda Dam
  • Eibenstock Dam
  • Einsiedel Dam
  • Euba Dam
  • Falkenstein Dam
  • Forchheim Auxiliary Dam
  • Friedrichswalde-Ottendorf Flood Control Basin
  • Gottleuba Dam
  • Sosa Dam
  • Saidenbach Dam


  • Ecker Dam
  • Kelbra Dam
  • Kiliansteich Dam
  • Königshütte Dam
  • Mandelholz Dam
  • Rappbode Dam, highest dam in Germany[2]
  • Rappbode Auxiliary Dam
  • Wendefurth Dam
  • Wippra Dam
  • Zillierbach Dam


In Thuringia there are 171 reservoirs The biggest of them are:

  • Bleiloch Dam biggest reservoir in Germany, volume: ~215 million m³, river Saale
  • Deesbach Forebay height 425 m; volume ~32 million m³, river Lichte
  • Haselbach Reservoir ~25 million m³, flooded opencast mining area
  • Hohenwarte Reservoir volume: ~182 million m³, river Saale
  • Leibis-Lichte Dam height 1025 m; volume ~32,4 million m³, river Lichte
  • Neustadt Dam - Thuringia's oldest dam
  • Schmalwasser Dam ~21,2 million m³, river Schmalwasser
  • Schönbrunn Dam ~23,2 million m³, river Schleuse
  • Zeulenroda Dam ~30,4 million m³, river Weida

See also

  • List of dams in the Harz


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