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List of A20 roads

This is a list of roads designated A20 Roads entries are sorted in the countries alphabetical order

  • A20 road Australia may refer to:
    • Sturt Highway, a road in South Australia & New South Wales
    • Gawler bypass road, a road in South Australia
    • Main North Road, Adelaide, a road in South Australia
  • A20 road Canada may refer to :
    • A20 expressway Quebec, a road connecting Montreal and Quebec City
  • A20 motorway France, a road connecting Vierzon, Cher and Montauban, Tarn-et-Garonne
  • A 20 motorway Germany, a road connecting Schleswig-Holstein, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and Brandenburg
  • A20 motorway Italy, a road connecting Messina and Palermo
  • A20 motorway Netherlands, a road connecting the N213 road and the A12 motorway
  • A20 road People's Republic of China may refer to :
    • A20 expressway Shanghai, the former name of the S20 expressway, a ring expressway around Shanghai often known as the Outer Ring Road
  • A 20 road Sri Lanka, a road connecting Anuradhapura and Rambewa
  • A20 road United Kingdom may refer to :
    • A20 road England, a road connecting London and Dover, Kent
    • A20 road Isle of Man, a road connecting Peel and the A3
    • A20 road Northern Ireland, a road connecting Belfast and Portaferry, County Down
  • A20 road United States of America may refer to :
    • A20 road California, a road connecting SR 89 and CR A19

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