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lipopeptide antibiotics, lipopeptide
A lipopeptide is a molecule consisting of a lipid connected to a peptide Bacteria express these molecules They are able to self-assemble into different structures Certain lipopeptides are used as antibiotics Other lipopeptides are toll-like receptor agonists Certain lipopeptides can have strong antifungal and hemolytic activities It has been demonstrated that their activity is generally linked to interactions with the plasma membrane, and sterol components of the plasma membrane could play a major role in this interaction


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  • Bacillomycins
  • Daptomycin
  • Echinocandins eg, caspofungin
  • Iturin A
  • Mycosubtilin
  • Surfactin

See also

  • Pepducins, lipopeptides aimed at GPCRs


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Further reading

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