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LinuxCon is a name for a series of annual conventions organized each year since 2009 by the Linux Foundation The first LinuxCon took place in North America Linux Foundation started organizing similar events in Europe and Japan The original LinuxCon was rebranded LinuxCon North America, adding to the list LinuxCon Europe and LinuxCon Japan

Apart from keynotes given by some high-profile Linux people such as Linus Torvalds1 or Greg Kroah-Hartman2 in 2009, LinuxCon seems to be increasingly used by Information technology actors to talk about their plans about Linux For example, Nokia confirmed in 2010 the delivering of the first MeeGo device this same year,3 or Oracle Corporation explained in 2010 where they were heading for their Linux efforts after their acquisition of Sun Microsystems45

At the end of LinuxCon North America event in Toronto, Canada in 2016, it was announced that the event would be re-branded for 2017 As such, LinuxCon is now gone, instead being replaced in 2017 with an event called Open Source Summit


  • 1 Editions
    • 11 LinuxCon 2009
    • 12 LinuxCon North America 2010
    • 13 LinuxCon Brazil 2010
    • 14 LinuxCon Japan 2010
    • 15 LinuxCon Japan 2011
    • 16 LinuxCon North America 2011
    • 17 LinuxCon Europe 2011
    • 18 LinuxCon Brazil 2011
    • 19 LinuxCon Japan 2012
    • 110 LinuxCon North America 2012
    • 111 LinuxCon Europe 2012
    • 112 LinuxCon Japan 2013
    • 113 LinuxCon North America 2013
    • 114 LinuxCon Europe 2013
    • 115 LinuxCon North America 2014
    • 116 LinuxCon Europe 2014
    • 117 LinuxCon North America 2015
    • 118 LinuxCon Europe 2015
    • 119 LinuxCon North America 2016
    • 120 LinuxCon Europe 2016
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LinuxCon 2009edit

Held on 21–23 September 2009 in Portland1678910

LinuxCon North America 2010edit

Held on 10–12 August 2010 in Boston1112131415

LinuxCon Brazil 2010edit

Held on August 31 - September 1, 2010 in São Paulo

LinuxCon Japan 2010edit

Held on 27–29 September 2010 in Tokyo This is the first edition under the name "LinuxCon Japan" but it is the renamed second edition of "Japan Linux Symposium"

LinuxCon Japan 2011edit

Held on 1–3 June 2011 in Yokohama

LinuxCon North America 2011edit

Held on 17–19 August 2011 in Vancouver

LinuxCon Europe 2011edit

Held on 26–28 October 2011 in Prague This is the first edition of LinuxCon Europe

LinuxCon Brazil 2011edit

Held on 17–18 November 2011 in São Paulo

LinuxCon Japan 2012edit

Held on 6–8 June 2012 in Yokohama

LinuxCon North America 2012edit

Held on 29–31 August 2012 in San Diego The is also the first edition of CloudOpen

LinuxCon Europe 2012edit

Held on 5–7 November 2012 in Barcelona

LinuxCon Japan 2013edit

Held on 29–31 May 2013 in Tokyo

LinuxCon North America 2013edit

Held on 16–18 September 2013 in New Orleans

LinuxCon Europe 2013edit

Held on 21–23 October 2013 in Edinburgh

LinuxCon North America 2014edit

Held on 20–22 August 2014 in Chicago

LinuxCon Europe 2014edit

Held on 13–15 October 2014 in Düsseldorf

LinuxCon North America 2015edit

Held on 17–19 August 2015 in Seattle16

LinuxCon Europe 2015edit

Held on 5–7 October 2015 in Dublin

LinuxCon North America 2016edit

Held on 22–24 August 2016 in Toronto17

LinuxCon Europe 2016edit

Held on 4–6 October 2016 in Berlin


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