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Linuron 3-3,4-dichlorophenyl-1-methoxy-1-methylurea is a phenylurea herbicide that is used to control the growth of grass and weeds for the purpose of supporting the growth of crops like soybeans


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Mechanism of action

Linuron acts via inhibition of photosystem II, which is necessary for photosynthetic electron transport in plants

Effects in animals

Linuron has been found to produce reproductive toxicity in animals by acting as an androgen receptor AR antagonist, and for this reason, is considered to be an endocrine disruptor Consequently, in January 2017, the European Commission Standing Committee on Plants, Animals, Food and Feed SCoPAFF decided to not renew its regulatory approval Sales are expected to cease by June 2017

See also

  • Diuron
  • Monolinuron


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