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løgumkloster refugium, løgumkloster højskole
Løgumkloster German: Lügumkloster; both mean 'Løgum monastery', is a town in Tønder municipality in Region of Southern Denmark on the Jutland peninsula in south Denmark with a population of 3,608 1 January 2019[1] Its name testifies that the town was once the site of the Cistercian Løgum Abbey, in the then Roman Catholic diocese of Ribe

Løgumkloster was the municipal seat of the now abolished Løgumkloster Municipality

Notable people

  • Hans Nicolajsen 1803 in Løgumkloster – 1856 in Jerusalem a Danish missionary to Palestine for the London Society for Promoting Christianity Among the Jews
  • Andreas Riis 1804 in Løgumkloster – 1854 in Naksby a Danish missionary to the Gold Coast for the Basel Evangelical Missionary Society

External links

  • Tønder municipality's official website in Danish


  1. ^ BEF44: Population 1st January, by urban areas The Mobile Statbank from Statistics Denmark
  • Municipal statistics: NetBorger Kommunefakta, delivered from KMD aka Kommunedata Municipal Data
  • Municipal mergers and neighbors: Eniro new municipalities map

Coordinates: 55°03′N 8°57′E / 55050°N 8950°E / 55050; 8950

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