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Let Mother Earth Speak

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Let Mother Earth Speak is a collaboration album, by Japanese new age musician Kitaro and Native American activist Dennis Banks2

It was released on September 11, 2012 Let Mother Earth Speak is included in the article "Best Instrumental Album 2012" of New Age Music World3

Track listingedit

No Title Composer Length
1 "Thank You Great Spirit" Kitaro 8:03
2 "Song of Responsibilities" Kitaro 9:13
3 "The Missionary Song" Kitaro 8:16
4 "A Good Day To Die" Kitaro 6:47
5 "Don't Cry" Kitaro 5:50
6 "The End of the Day Song" Kitaro 6:33
7 "She Don't Love Me Anymore" Kitaro 5:49
8 "Longest Walk 2" Kitaro 4:28
9 "Peace" Kitaro 4:21


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  • Kitaro Official site English
  • Let Mother Earth Speak Official Facebook

let mother earth speak, let mother earth speak kitaro album

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