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Legion Records

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Legion Records was started in 1997 by Michael Brosnan as Goatboy Records, later changed to Goatboy Farms Recordings It was centered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania The final name change to Legion occurred in 1999 The label specialized in the heavy metal, grindcore and sludge genres of music


  • GB001 Burn the Priest / ZED split, 7" vinyl record
  • GB002 Machine That Flashes - "Resensitized" EP, 7" vinyl record
  • GB003 ZED / 309 Chorus split, CD
  • Terror13-04 Burn the Priest - Burn the Priest full-length, compact disc
  • Terror13-05 Noisegate - The Towers Are Burning full-length, compact disc
  • Terror13-06 Wormwood - "Behemoth" EP, 7" vinyl record

The following release by Legion Records has an unknown catalog number:

Wormwood - Requiescat full-length, compact disc, co-release with Arm Records

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  • In-depth information on label discography at discogscom
  • http://wwwfreeyellowcom/members/goatboy/ @ The Internet Archive
  • http://wwwlegionrecordscom/ @ The Internet Archive

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