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Lazarević dynasty

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The Lazarević Serbian pronunciation: lazǎːrɛv̞itɕ, Serbian: Лазаревићи/Lazarevići was a Serbian medieval royal family, which ruled Moravian Serbia and the Serbian Despotate

The dynasty began with Lazar Hrebeljanović, son of Pribac Hrebeljanović -a noble at the court of Dušan the Mighty and of Princess Jelena Zupan Rascia-Nemanjić of Serbia Lazar married Milica of Rascia of the Nemanjić dynasty and was later given the title "Knez" by Serbian Emperor Uroš the Weak He gained lands in Central Serbia and through his ties with the Nemanjićs he became the regent of Moravian Serbia In the Battle of Kosovo against the Ottoman Empire, Lazar was killed and Serbia became a vassal state, leading to the end of Serbian sovereignty


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Rulers of Moravian Serbia from 1371 to 1427

  • Lazar Hrebeljanović 1371–1389
  • Stefan Lazarević 1389–1427

Family treeedit

Tsar Lazar and his family, 1860
  • Pribac
    • Draginja, married Kefalija čelnik Miša
    • Lazar; Lazarevići
    • Daughter, married Altoman Vojinović

Lazar married Milica Милица in around 1353 and issued at least seven children:

  • Mara died April 12, 1426, married Vuk Branković in around 1371
  • Stefan Lazarević around 1377 - July 19, 1427, prince 1389–1402 and despot 1402–1427
  • Vuk, prince, executed on July 6, 1410
  • Mara or Dragana died before July 1395, married Bulgarian tsar Ivan Shishman in around 1386
  • Teodora died before 1405, married Nikola II Gorjanski who died in 1433, son of Nikola I Gorjanski, ban of Mačva since 1387, ban of Croatia since 1394, and Hungarian Palatin since 1401
  • Jelena or Jela, died March 1443, married Đurađ Stracimirović, then Sandalj Hranić1
  • Olivera Despina 1372 - after 1444, married Ottoman Sultan Bayezid I in 1390


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External linksedit

  • Media related to House of Lazarević at Wikimedia Commons
  • The Holy bloodline of Prince Lazar by Željko Fajfrić Serbian

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