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Laws of Gravity (film)

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Laws of Gravity is a 1992 American crime drama film directed by Nick Gomez and starring Peter Greene1


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Jimmy and Johnny are two Brooklyn street toughs who never made it into workaday society Danger is the hit that gets them out of bed Jimmy owes a loan shark money and Johnny is wanted by the police Things go further out of control when their old friend Frankie arrives in a stolen car with a trunkload of guns for sale


  • Peter Greene as Jimmy
  • Edie Falco as Denise
  • Adam Trese as Jon
  • Arabella Field as Celia
  • Paul Schulze as Frankie
  • Saul Stein as Sal
  • Tony Fernandez as Tommy
  • Larry Meistrich as Pete
  • James Michael McCauley as Kenny as James McCauley
  • Rick Groel as Kevin
  • Anibal O Lleras as Rey as Anibel Leirras
  • John Gallagher as Bobby
  • David Troup as Sullivan
  • Miguel Sierra as Vasquez
  • David Tuttle as Ted


  1. ^ Canby, Vincent "New York Times: Laws of Gravity" NY Times Retrieved August 24, 2008 

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  • Laws of Gravity on Internet Movie Database

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Laws of Gravity (film)

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Laws of Gravity (film)
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