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Lathbury Road

Lathbury Road is a residential road in north Oxford, England

The road runs approximately east–west with a small curve halfway along At the western end of the road is a junction with Woodstock Road A4144 and at the eastern end is a junction with Banbury Road A4165, the two major arterial roads out of Oxford to the north To the south is Staverton Road and to the north is Moreton Road It lies to the north of the original North Oxford development by St John's College, Oxford[2] but since it is south of Summertown it is often considered to be part of Central North Oxford, with high house prices[3]

The Bengali author and broadcaster Nirad Chaudhuri 1897–1999 lived at 20 Lathbury Road from 1982 to 1999[4] A blue plaque was installed by the Oxfordshire Blue Plaques Board in 2008[1] The jurist and international lawyer Sir Humphrey Waldock 1904–1981 lived at 6 Lathbury Road[5] The historian Ralph Henry Carless Davis 1918–1991 lived in Lathbury Road with his wife Eleanor[6]

In the early 1980s, Williams College, a liberal arts college located in Williamstown, Massachusetts, United States, purchased a group of houses, today known as the Ephraim Williams House, on Banbury Road and Lathbury Road[7] The Williams-Exeter Programme was founded in 1985 Since that time, 26 undergraduate students from Williams College spend their junior year at Exeter College, Oxford each year as members of the college

The Nursery for 2–5-year-old children is located at 17 Lathbury Road[8] The main premises of St Clare's, an independent international boarding school founded in 1953, is also located at 139 Banbury Road, just to the north of Lathbury Road[9]

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Coordinates: 51°46′21″N 1°15′55″W / 517725°N 12653°W / 517725; -12653

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