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Lace Market

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The Lace Market is a historic quarter-mile square area of Nottingham, England It was the centre of the world's lace industry during the British Empire and is now a protected heritage area It was an area of salesrooms and warehouses for storing, displaying and selling the lace The Lace Market adjoins Hockley Village, and both areas now accommodate a variety of bars, restaurants and shops


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St Mary's in the Lace Market

Once the heart of the world's lace industry during the days of the British Empire, it is full of impressive examples of 19th century industrial architecture and thus is a protected heritage area It was never a market in the sense of having stalls, but there were salesrooms and warehouses for storing, displaying and selling the lace Most of the area is typical Victorian, with densely packed 4-7 story red brick building lined streets Iron railings, old gas lamps and red phone boxes a plenty also help give the through walker a sense of going back in time to Victorian England The Adams Building now part of the City campus of New College Nottingham was designed by Thomas Chambers Hine and was built for Thomas Adams, a notable Quaker who did much to improve the typical Victorian working conditions in his factories

There are some non Victorian parts to the area as well though, such as High Pavement which is a handsome Georgian street and home to the Galleries of Justice and St Mary's Church

The area is sited on the area of the original Saxon settlement that became Nottingham, and also boasts the oldest Christian Foundation in the city, predating the Norman conquest St Mary's Church, on High Pavement is believed to be the third church to have stood there but was itself completed in 1474 and is an excellent example of early English Perpendicular architecture

The Adams Building in the Lace Market

Another fine piece of architecture in the area is a warehouse designed by Watson Fothergill, a prolific local architect responsible for some 100 buildings in the area between 1870 and 1906 His work in the Gothic revival and Old English vernacular styles was very popular in Victorian times, and means that many shops, banks, houses and even churches are enlivened by turrets, gargoyles, mock Tudor beams and other distinctive features

National Justice Museum in the Lace Market

The Lace Market has undergone a renaissance in recent years Nearly all of the old warehouses that were once run down during the recession years have been cleaned and renovated and have found new uses such as luxury apartments, high-spec offices and academic buildings The London PR Agency recently opened a Midlands office in the area and many high profile design agencies such as Distinction, Erskine Design and Attitude Design have also made the Lace Market their home

Kayes Walk in the Lace Market

Some streets in the Lace Market are now tourist attractions, such as the National Justice Museum on High Pavement The Galleries are located in the old law courts and County Gaol jail - or County Goal as the stonemason accidentally inscribed it, a blunder still visible today above the entrance which ironically probably got the poor stonemason severely punished There has been a court on the site since 1375, with the present Georgian building being used since 1780

Some of the original 19th century lace machines are still in use today, often interfaced with computers Tours of the area and some of the old buildings are available

Tram stopedit

The area is served by a Nottingham Express Transit's Lace Market tram stop on Fletcher Gate


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  • Hockley Village: Official website of Hockley Village
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