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Labello is a brand of lip balm stick It is produced by Beiersdorf AG in Germany and Austria The labello lip care sticks are also sold under the name Labello Nivea, Liposan and Nivea Lip Care Labello makes lip care products that are used for medical treatments, moisturizing, protection from sun or solely for cosmetic purposes

The word "labello" comes from the Latin words "labium" "lip" and "bellus" "beautiful"


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In 1909, Dr Oscar Troplowitz created a lip caring balm The brand was introduced in Germany and later in Switzerland and Austro-Hungary At that time, the products were sticks wrapped in paper that had to be applied with a finger In 1911, a new sliding case made of tin was introduced This turned out to be a rather successful approach During the First World War, the shortage of the tin resources caused the production of tin packaging to be stopped However, refills that could be inserted in the existing tubes were available in the market

In 1922, the packaging was replaced with a light Aluminum stick, which made it easier for the consumer to carry it around This was also a success By 1935, Labello was made available in markets of over thirty countries During the Second World War, Labello products were again in extremely short supply as Aluminum was almost unobtainable until the end of the war

In 1953, a plastic sleeve replaced the metal one, which had been used for more than 30 years In 1958, Labello started to make products for use by men as well A practical twist mechanism was added in 1963, making application easier This was apparently the most successful product launch in the history of the Labello brand

In 1973, the 'Labello Classic' in blue casing was introduced which is produced even today In 1978, the brand released 'Labello Med' that provided treatment for severe lip problems A year later, 'Labello Sun' was introduced which provided protection of lips from harmful sun rays In 1984, another product, 'Labello Camomile' was made available in market This was the first time the brand made a product containing natural flavors and ingredients Two years later, 'Labello Rosé' was also released In 1989, 'Labello Sport' was introduced for physically active consumers who wanted lip care

In 1992, 'Lip Balance' series were released for consumers wanting immediate moisturizing for their lips The series consisted of two products: 'Labello Hydro', which is still used today and 'Labello Regeneration' The later of which was the first product in the brand to be released in a squeezable tube packaging Two years later, 'Labello UV Alpin' was made available that provided care for lips in winter and cold weathers In 1999, the brand launched 17 different fruit flavored lip pomades for the first time including 'Apricot Cream', 'Lemon Twist', 'Manadarin Vanilla', 'Orange', 'Sweet Melon' and 'Tropical Shake' among others Today's assortment includes 'Cherry', 'Strawberry','Pomegranate' and 'Pink Guava'

In 2001, a lip balm and gloss, 'Labello Pearl & Shine', was introduced for women This marked the first time the brand took a turn into the cosmetics direction Three years later, 'Care Gloss & Shine' lip gloss range were introduced in the market These were available in trendy colours and as well as a transparent gloss In 2009, Labello celebrated their 100 years by launching a limited edition of 'Labello Classic'

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  • Official homepage of Labello Lipcare

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