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Kyagalanyi Coffee Limited

kyagalanyi coffee limited, kyagalanyi coffee limited company
Kyagalanyi Coffee Limited is a private company in Uganda, involved in coffee procurement, processing and export


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Kyagalanyi is a leading coffee procurement, processing and marketing company in Uganda In 2009, the company exported over 510,000 bags of coffee, each weighing 60 kg This represented approximately 16% of all the country's coffee export that year, totaling 32 million bags The coffee was sold primarily the European Union, Japan, Australia and South Sudan The company also markets directly to the major international coffee roasting companies

When Uganda's coffee crop was nearly decimated by the coffee wilt disease in the 1990s and early 2000s, Kyagalanyi played a major role in re-seeding with wilt-resistant varieties of Robusta coffee At the company's 7 acres 28 ha facility in Nakanyonyi Village, Mukono District, Kyagalanyi established a nursery with these new varieties and supplied them to farmers at no cost The company has its main processing plant in Kampala's Industrial Area and another processing factory in Mbale, that is dedicated to processing Arabica coffee, that is grown in the mountainous region around Mount Elgon


The company was founded in the 1990s when the coffee sector was liberalized by the Ugandan Government

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  • Profile of Farmer Schemes Belonging to Kyagalanyi Coffee Limited, Uganda

kyagalanyi coffee limited, kyagalanyi coffee limited company

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