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Kumbh Karan

kumbh karan cartoon, kumbh karan
Kumbh Karan is an Indian-animated television series broadcast by the Indian kids channel Pogo The show was released on June 1, 2010 The show earned a budget of more than $300,000


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The show centers on the adventures of Kumbh and Karan, two twin brothers who stay in the small colony of Ajab-Gajabpur Kumbh is chubby, lazy, sleepy, and hungry, but awfully strong with a real soft heart Karan, on the other hand, is an agile, sharp and better looking version of his twin With their friend Tara, and Kumbh's pet porcupine Kaddu, the twins travel worldwide on various quests


  • Kumbh is a plump cherubic 10-year-old boy He's named after the mythic giant Kumbhkarna in the Ramayana who slept for six months straight and could be revived only with the aroma of food
  • As Kumbh's twin brother, Karan shares Kumbh's eyes, big ears, but the similarities ends there
  • 7 year old, Tara is Kumbh-Karan's best friend in Ajab-Gajabpur
  • Kaddu is Kumbh's pet porcupine who loves food as much as Kumbh He follows his master everywhere like a Siamese twin
  • Sardar is the reluctant Chief of Ajab-Gajabpur
  • Kabira is the trusted lieutenant of Sardar and he is the one who trains Karan in everyday archery and warfare
  • Dadi Maa is the motherly caretaker of the two boys
  • Super Chacha is always creating interesting things


The cartoon was aired on Hiru TV, in Sri Lanka with the name "Kadiyay Thadiyay"


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