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Kuehneotheria is a group of basal mammals that were once classified in the now paraphyletic Symmetrodonta It was named by Mckenna in 1995[1]


Order †Kuehneotheria McKenna 1975

  • Family †Kuehneotheriidae Kermack, Kermack & Musset 1968
    • †Kuehneotherium praecursoris Kermack, Kermack & Musset 1968
    • †Kuehneon duchyense Kretzoi 1960 nomen vanum
  • Family †Woustersiidae Sigogneau-Russell & Hahn 1995
    • Genus †Woutersia Sigogneau-Russell 1983b
      • †W butleri Sigogneau-Russell & Hahn 1995
      • †W mirabilis Sigogneau-Russell 1983b


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