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Kolkata Municipal Corporation

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Kolkata Municipal Corporation or KMC Bengali: কলকাতা পৌরসংস্থা formerly Calcutta Municipal Corporation or CMC is responsible for the civic infrastructure and administration of the city of Kolkata This civic administrative body administers an area of 20071 km2 Its motto, Purosree Bibardhan, is inscribed on its emblem in Bengali script KMC is headed by Sovan Chatterjee the present Mayor of Kolkata


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The KMC was established in 1876 Under the guidance of the first Minister of Local Self-Government in Bengal, Sir Surendranath Banerjee, the Calcutta Municipal Act of 1923 made provision for the enfranchisement of women and the election of a Mayor annually; the first was Chittaranjan Das with NIYAZ Ahamed as his Chief Executive Officer1 Later mayors include Deshapriya Jatindra Mohan Sengupta, Bidhan Chandra Roy, Nalini Ranjan Sarkar, Abul Kasem Fazlul Haque, and for the 2010-2015 term, Sovan Chatterjee2

The city is divided into 144 administrative wards that are grouped into 15 boroughs3 Each of these wards elects a councillor to the KMC Each borough has a committee consisting of the councillors elected from the respective wards of the boroughs The Corporation, through the borough committees, maintains government-aided schools, hospitals and municipal markets and partakes in urban planning and road maintenance4 The corporation as the apex body discharges its function through the Mayor-in-Council, consisting of a mayor, assisted by a deputy mayor, and ten other elected members of the KMC The mayor is responsible for the overall functioning of the KMC and has a tenure of five years5 At present, the All India Trinamool Congress holds the power in the KMC


Recently the KMC has faced a lot of criticism for legalising unauthorized construction largely responsible for a number of deaths because of fire This was also responsible of the unplanned growth in the citycitation needed

The Sheriff of Kolkata and The KMDAedit

The city also has an apolitical titular post, that of the Sheriff of Kolkata6 The Sheriff presides over various city-related functions and conferences Another ancillary civic body is the Kolkata Metropolitan Development Authority KMDA responsible for the statutory planning and development of the Kolkata Metropolitan Area KMA7 The KMA includes a large suburban hinterland around the urban centres of Kolkata

Area of Jurisdictionedit

The jurisdiction of the KMC covers the area covered by the Kolkata Police which in turn includes the area of Kolkata District, but includes an adjacent area as well See Civic Administration of Kolkata According to KMC website, erstwhile Joka-I & Joka-II Gram Panchayats were added to municipal limits, although information on their distribution into wards was not available8 This addition increases the area of KMC to 20071 square kilometres 7749 sq mi8 In 2011, it was announced that Kolkata Police and Kolkata Municipal Corporation area will be coterminous910 Kolkata Postal District however extends right up to Barrackpur in the North, Barasat in the East, up to Baruipur in South-East and Joka in South and up to Batanagar in South-West The Postal code in this entire area starts with 700, indicating Postal Sorting District of Kolkata Thus Kolkata Postal area is much bigger than the area of KMC, Kolkata Police or Kolkata District In general term, people identify a locality with its Postal address Postal address of people residing in the delivery jurisdiction of any of the 160 Delivery Post offices of Kolkata will be having PIN Code no from 700001 Kolkata-1 to 700160 Kolkata-160 So for all practical purpose, anyone residing in Kolkata Postal area, identify himself/herself as Calcuttan


Kolkata Municipal Corporation Headquarters

The KMC is responsible for administering and providing basic infrastructure to the city

  • Water purification and supply
  • Sewage treatment and disposal
  • Garbage disposal and street cleanliness
  • Solid waste management
  • Building and maintenance of roads, streets and flyovers
  • Street lighting
  • Maintenance of parks and open spaces
  • Cemeteries and Crematoriums
  • Registering of births and deaths
  • Conservation of heritage sites
  • Disease control, including immunisation
  • Public municipal schools etc

See alsoedit


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  • Official site of KMC

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