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Škoda Transportation

škoda transportation, škoda transportation a.s
Škoda Transportation as is a Czech engineering company headquartered in Plzeň, Czech Republic Its operations are in the area of transport engineering, manufacture of rail vehicles for urban and railway modes of transport, traction motors and drives for transport systems in the tradition of Škoda manufacturing plants It has a strong footprint in the local and international market


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The company was incorporated on 1 March 1995 as Škoda Dopravní Technika s r o; as of 10 December 2004 it operates under the name Škoda Transportation sro; as of 1 April 2009 it has the legal form of a joint-stock company2 In 2009 Škoda Holding, then owner of Škoda Transportation, has made several acquisitions in the transportation sector In 2010, Škoda Transportation posted revenues of CZK 67 billion

In September 2010 company announced, that it was sold to four natural persons - managers Marek Čmejla, Jiří Diviš, Tomáš Krsek and Tomáš Korecký3 But in reality, in March 2011 the company was taken over by Cyprus based company SKODA INDUSTRY EUROPE LTD,4 later renamed to CEIL Central Europe Industries LTD2 Owner of that company is secret, in 2011 it was co-owned by Marshall Islands based Maranex Finance and Guernsey based Conitor Terra, that were owned by several shell corporations5 The CEO of Škoda Transportation is currently Tomáš Ignačák and shareholders of the company are Tomáš Ignačák, Tomáš Krsek, Michal Korecký, Marek Čmejla, Jiří Diviš, Jaromír Šilhánek, Josef Bernard, Marek Krsek and Michal Kurtinec 6


Main article: List of Škoda Transportation products

In the 1990s, Škoda Dopravní technika upgraded 26 Tatra T3 tramcars in Pilsen to type T3M0 company designation Škoda 01T; 1993–1999 and 20 T3 tramcars in Liberec to type T3M04 company designation Škoda 02T; 1995–1999 In 1997, the first Škoda 03 T tramcar known also as LTM 1008, 'Astra', 'Anitra' rolled out from the factory, and until 2006 it was bought by five tramway services in the Czech Republic78910 Other models followed, of which some were also exported11 In 1996–2011, Škoda Transportation upgraded Prague Metro trainsets from type 81-71 to 81-71M12 In 2003, the company unveiled a new metro trainset prototype: 6Mt13 Other contracts included the production and upgrade of 81-553 trainsets Slavutych for Kazan and Kiev Metro and is currently manufacturing Ne-va trainsets for Saint Petersburg Metro14 The company produces electric locomotives Škoda 109E ČD Class 380 and 381 ZSSK series and modernises 71E locomotives 71Em 163 series → 3635 series ČD Cargo15

Škoda Transportation holdingedit

Škoda Transportation is the parent company of a holding which includes other engineering and electrical engineering companies:

  • Škoda Electric, a manufacturer of electric drives and traction motors for trolleybuses, trams, locomotives and multiple units
  • Škoda Vagonka, a manufacturer of passenger cars Company was founded in 1900 as Staudinger Waggonfabrik AG
  • Škoda City Service, a company providing service and repairs of all municipal public transport vehicles in Pilsen
  • Škoda TVC, a machining company
  • Transtech Oy, a Finnish manufacturer of double-decker coaches and low-floor trams
  • Pars nova, a company focused on modernisations, redevelopments and repairs of rail vehicles
  • Lokel, a company focused on design, development, production and service of Train Control and Monitoring Systems TCMS
  • POLL, a company focused on development and production of electronic systems
  • Sibelektroprivod, a Russian manufacturer of traction motors for trolleybuses and rail vehicles
  • Ganz-Skoda Electric, a Hungarian manufacturer of electric drives and traction motors for trolleybuses

In 2010, a company named Trading RS Sp z oo16 was founded in Poland that represent all of the Škoda Transportation companies in country

In 2011, Škoda Transportation acquired a local bus company named Autobusová doprava - Miroslav Hrouda sro from Zbiroh,17 as the main reason for the acquisition was live-test new hybrid buses18

In 2013, Škoda Transportation incorporated a subsidiary in Munich, Germany, under the name of Skoda Transportation Deutschland GmbH The mission of the German Škoda subsidiary is to serve as a sales/technical support/maintenance unit responsible for the business development in Germany, Austria and Switzerland19 In the same year, Škoda Transportation acquired Lokel, an Ostrava-based designer and manufacturer of electronic instruments for rail vehicles20

In 2015, Škoda Transportation bought a majority stake in Finnish manufacturer Transtech Oy

In 2016, Škoda Transportation incorporated a subsidiary in the USA, under the name of Skoda Transportation USA LLC

The holding employed close to 5,600 people in 2015, with revenues reaching CZK 17 billion

Other activitiesedit

Škoda Transportation has chosen several pillars as foundations of its Corporate Social Responsibility, which include the environment and research and innovation Together with the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen, Škoda Transportation runs the Techmania Science Center in Pilsen, which aims to spur young people's interest in the world of science and technology The exhibition, which is constantly evolving as new programmes are added, welcomes annually tens of thousands of schoolchildren and students who learn about various principles of mathematics and physics in an engaging way2122


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