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King–Kopetzky syndrome

king kopetzky syndrome, king syndrome malignant hyperthermia
King–Kopetzky syndrome is an auditory disability characterised by difficulty in hearing speech in the presence of background noise1 in conjunction with the finding of normal hearing test results

It is an example of auditory processing disorder APD 2 or auditory disability with normal hearing ADN

King–Kopetzky syndrome patients have a worse Social Hearing Handicap index SHHI than others, indicating they suffer a significant degree of speech-hearing disability3 The condition is named after Samuel J Kopetzky, who first described the condition in 1948, and P F King, who first discussed the aetiological factors behind it in 19544


It seems that somatic anxiety and situations of stress may be determinants of speech-hearing disability35

Some studies indicated an increased prevalence of a family history of hearing impairment in these patients The pattern of results is suggestive that King-Kopetzky patients may be related to conditions of autosomal dominant inheritance267


It was found that based on sensitized measures of auditory dysfunction and on psychological assessment, Subjects could be subdivided into seven subcategories:8

  1. middle ear dysfunction
  2. mild cochlear pathology
  3. central/medial olivocochlear efferent system MOCS auditory dysfunction
  4. purely psychological problems
  5. multiple auditory pathologies
  6. combined auditory dysfunction and psychological problems
  7. unknown

Different subgroups may represent different pathogenic and aetiological factors Thus, subcategorization provides further understanding of the basis of King–Kopetzky syndrome, and hence may guide the rehabilitative management of these patientsThis was suggested by Professor Dafydd Stephens and F Zhao at the Welsh Hearing Institute, Cardiff University9

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king kopetzky syndrome, king syndrome, king syndrome malignant hyperthermia

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