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Kimi ni Todoke

kimi ni todoke, kimi ni todoke episode 1
Kimi ni Todoke: From Me to You 君に届け, lit Reaching You is a romance shōjo manga by Karuho Shiina It has been published by Shueisha in Bessatsu Margaret since 2005 and collected in 27 tankōbon volumes as of September 23, 2016 In 2008, it won the Best Shōjo Manga award in the 32nd Annual Kodansha Manga Award1 The series was also nominated for the first Manga Taisho awards in 20082 Two anime adaptations of Kimi ni Todoke were aired in Japan,34 produced by Production IG5 The second season of the anime was announced in Betsuma Magazine, began airing in Japan on January 4, 2011 and lasted for 12 episodes A live action film adaptation was released in 2010 starring Mikako Tabe and Haruma Miura6


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Sawako Kuronuma - dubbed Sadako by her classmates for her resemblance to the character from The Ring - has always been feared and misunderstood because of her appearance; rumors around school report that she can see ghosts and curse people However, despite her ominous appearance, she is actually a sweet and timid girl who only longs to be able to make friends and be liked by everyone else When her idol, the popular boy Kazehaya, begins talking with her, everything changes She finds herself in a new world, making new friends and talking to different people, and she can't thank Kazehaya enough for giving her these opportunities Slowly, but surely, a sweet love blossoms between the two as they overcome circumstances and obstacles that stand in their way


Sawako Kuronuma 黒沼 爽子, Kuronuma Sawako Voiced by: Mamiko Noto anime, Mikako Tabe live-action Sawako is a shy yet honest girl in search of friendship, but her resemblance to the horror film character Sadako Yamamura makes this difficult Her shy and modest nature prevents her from correcting people's misconceptions, to the point that most of the school believes her name is, in fact, "Sadako" She is rather short - a characteristic inherited from her father, who is only 160 cm tall - but during a soccer match at the school's sports festival, it is revealed that she is surprisingly fast, to the point that some people believe she is teleporting A running gag is that she takes everything people say very seriously, and tends to over-analyze a situation When she is deep in thought, her dark appearance often terrifies her peers Sawako has always desired friends and acceptance, and thanks to Kazehaya's kindness, she gradually begins to open up to her classmates and talk to different people She is grateful to Kazehaya, and idolizes him for giving her the opportunities to make many close friends, which come to include Yano, Yoshida, Kazehaya and Ryu Forever humble and unassuming, Sawako is very modest towards her newfound friendships that Yoshida actually has to tell her point-blank: "Did you know Without realizing it we were already friends!"Ch 7 Yano and Yoshida admit that Sawako's 'like' for Kazehaya is probably stronger than the 'like' she expresses for themselves In chapter 34,Ch 34 Kazehaya practically confesses his feelings right in front of her, but Sawako believes it is just a misunderstanding and that he simply likes her as a friendCh 35 After everything is cleared up, the couple officially starts dating,Ch 40 though rumors pop up that Sawako somehow used black magic to get him In chapter 71, she overhears her classmate asking if Shota and her are steadily dating, and she becomes confused about their relationship After Shota turns away when she grabs his coat, she cries and admits that she wants to be with him, and asks if he is still in love with her In her shock, Shota kisses her 4 times Shota Kazehaya 風早 翔太, Kazehaya Shōta Voiced by: Daisuke Namikawa anime, Haruma Miura live-action Kazehaya is Sawako's outgoing and friendly classmate, and also her idol His popularity is so widespread that during middle school, the many girls that liked him had to form a "Kazehaya is Everyone's" alliance in order to maintain some level of peace among his admirers; more than half of these girls now attend his high school Kazehaya falls in love with Sawako shortly after meeting her, and admits though not to Sawako his feelings, unaware that she feels the same for himCh 17 During their second year of high school, he begins to wonder if she actually does like him as she does not give him chocolates on Valentine's Day, not knowing that she had been too nervous to give him anyCh 30 After the ordeal, he seemingly becomes calmer and shows a depressed and expressionless face more often However, after being confronted by Ryu influenced by Chizuru and Pin, Kazehaya goes to Sawako as his friends jokingly remark that he likes Sawako; however, Kazehaya takes the remark seriously and agrees, subsequently confessing directly to SawakoCh 34 However, after Sawako's misunderstanding of his confession, he believes she rejected him However, in chapter 40, he is finally able to confess his feelings to her, and they are officially datingCh 40 Kazehaya is prone to become easily jealous and overprotective of Sawako, and deeply treasures her He seems to avoid Sawako because he wants to be careful in loving her because in chapter 58, the two almost end up kissing and he is worried that Sawako may end up thinking too much about it In chapter 71, Sawako starts asking if he is still in love with her, he quickly kisses her Ayane Yano 矢野 あやね, Yano Ayane Voiced by: Miyuki Sawashiro anime, Natsuna Watanabe live-action Ayane is a close friend of Sawako She is the arguably the most mature of the group and she has a boyfriend in college as well as having her ears pierced multiple timesCh 18 Initially Shiina conceived of Yano and Yoshida as a pair, and in the first two chapters the two are difficult to tell apartVol 1 She then redrafted the characters, combing Yano's hair and styling it in a fashion that looks like a pony-tail Kurumi starts a rumor that Ayane played around with more than 100 guys in middle school, and that she and Yoshida are thug underlings of Sawako's in high schoolVol 2 Perceptive and intelligent, Ayane tends to take just enough information to leave others wondering, thus forcing them to move forward She was also able to figure out that it was Ume who spread the rumors,Ch 14 getting Ume to admit it,Ch 16 and discovering that Sawako, "liked" KazehayaCh 14 Although she is usually calm and collected, she is easily infuriated if someone hurts Sawako and does not hesitate to attack the one she believes is responsible frequently Kazehaya with kicks and sharp words She is also fairly intimidating when angry, being called scary by Chizuru a number of times Later on she breaks up with her boyfriend, who had begun to become too possessive of her: calling her all times of the day, wondering what she has been up to, and checking if she has been with any guysCh 20 After she suggests they break up, he slaps her across the face, and when he tries to apologize and asks her back, she realizes that the man she liked was not her boyfriend but rather who he was when they started datingCh 20 After Sawako and Shota finally become a couple, Ayane comforts the girls that were potentially Sawako's rivalsCh 43 When Chizuru tells her she is too nice, Ayane denies it, but is surprised when Pin affirms she is nice, and she starts developing feelings for himCh 45 When schoolmate Mogi confesses to her, she agrees to date him, which shocks everybodyCh 54 However, it appears that she is not in love with him, and her feelings towards Pin seem to increase However, starting from chapter 59, it has been strongly hinted that Kento has feelings for AyaneCh 59 In chapter 71, she told Sawako that she'll go home with KentoCh 71 After that, Pin tells Sawako that maybe they got together alreadyCh  Chizuru Yoshida 吉田 千鶴, Yoshida Chizuru Voiced by: Yuko Sanpei anime, Misako Renbutsu live-action Yoshida is another close friend of Sawako She is the tomboy of the group, and she even admits this when Ryu calls them brothers, where she argues about who is the older rather than that she is not a 'brother' She can be very emotional at times, usually seen humorously crying after a touching moment between her friends She has a soft spot for innocent mannered people, so she takes a near instant liking to Sawako In Kurumi's fake rumors it was passed around that she was a former Yankee, though Chizuru just takes the rumor as a means of scaring people off or as a joke for her friendsCh 4 One of the rumors states that Chizuru holds a record of ninety nine straight wins on being able to beat a guy on a one on one fight Chizuru took credit of this rumor,Ch 7 she herself stated that her streak was broken when she lost to her hundredth opponent, Ryu Sanadacitation needed Chizuru is mostly on the slower side of things; she did not realize that Sawako liked Kazehaya until after the Kurumi confrontationCh 17 and that Kazehaya liked Sawako even though she and Ayane planned many events for them until late in the series, after they started their second year of high schoolCh 33 She is a close childhood friend with Ryu Sanada, her neighbor, and she went to the same middle school as Kazehaya and RyuCh 8 Because of this, Ryu's family regards Chizuru and her family as their own and vice versaCh 8 She has a crush on Ryu's brother, Toru, since she was very young knowing the age gap between themCh 19 When Toru visits with his fiancée,Ch 20 she realizes that he will only see their relationship as just siblingsCh 23 She is very dense to the fact that Ryu loves her, even interpreting him saying "I love you" as an expression of their friendship When he confesses to her again, this time making it clear, it shocks her to the point where it becomes difficult to talk to him normally as she never thought about him like that and believes that they can't go back to how they were before ever again But she begins to grow feelings for Ryu and in chapter 88 she confesses to Ryu and he kisses her Ryu Sanada 真田 龍, Sanada Ryū Voiced by: Yuichi Nakamura anime, Haru Aoyama live-action Ryu is also member of Sawako's group of friends He is the son of the ramen shop owner of Chizuru Yoshida's favourite ramen shop He is quiet most of the time and rarely talks, but still can communicate well with Sawako, as they both don't talk much anyways Ryu and Kazehaya became friends when they were on the baseball team during middle school He is also close childhood friends with Chizuru and does not deny having feelings for her, such as simply smiling when Sawako asks if he and Chizuru are datingCh 8 He later confirms his love when he confesses that he likes Chizuru to SawakoCh 14 While his love is one-sided, he is very patient with Chizuru realizing that Chizuru probably won't like him in a romantic sense, at least not right away He's more than willing to comfort Chizuru if she's depressed, though he would rather have her mad at him as he knows Chizuru can vent out her emotions better Ryu also seems to like animals a lot; when Shota was going to walk "Maru", his adopted puppy, home with Sawako, Chizuru pulled Ryu away telling him he's going to walk with Ayane and her instead While being pulled away from Shota's puppy, he cried out for it A running gag in the series is that he has a very hard time remembering a person's name with the exception of Kazehaya and Chizuru as he's known them for a long time, and after some time later Sawako and Ayane In chapter 43, he casually tells Chizuru that he loves her and she is totally shockedCh 43 However, in chapter 59, he truly confesses his love for her, but she replies saying, "I have never looked at you in that way" In response, he smiles and says, "I know" Kazuichi "Pin" Arai 荒井 一市, Arai Kazuichi Voiced by: Yūki Ono anime, Arata live-action Arai is the temporary homeroom teacher for Sawako's class, taking over when the previous homeroom teacher became sick during the summer holidays while Sawako was helping him Sawako, being formal, always refers to him as "Arai-sensei," while almost everyone else refers to him by his nickname, "Pin" Pin is a great fan of baseball as well as the school baseball team's coach He used to be part of Kazehaya's father's league team, so he has known Shota since when he was young A loud and eccentric man prone to believing the silliest things, Pin apparently enjoys interrupting people He nicknames the puppy that Sawako and Kazehaya find by the river "Pedro Martinez" after the legendary baseball pitcher, which Sawako suggests be shortened to "Maru" A running gag through the series, despite being a teacher he is prone to actions that are more suited to a teenager, such as eagerly running to the bathroom when he heard about a fight yet became depressed when Sawako and her friends were making up rather than fightingCh 7 He and Ayane tend to run into each other a lot, often bickering loudly as they walk away, though on rare occasions he will give her advice though it comically ends in his ruining the moment to praise himself He also has a false impression that Sawako is an exorcistVol 2 But for how he acts, Arai is rather insightful and is very helpful when it comes to his students, especially when he was suggesting career paths for Sawako, Ayane and Chizuru that best suit their talents and abilities Pin also has a habit of believing girls in Sawakos year fancy him and often turns them down when they speak to him, stating that he's just too old for them Ume "Kurumi" Kurumizawa 胡桃沢 梅, Kurumisawa Ume Voiced by: Aya Hirano anime, Mirei Kiritani live-action A girl who appears friendly and sweet to everyone around her, she has had a huge crush on Kazehaya since their first year of middle school; as a result, she understands his personality well, despite the fact they were never close friends She dislikes her given name, Ume, because it sounds old-fashioned and prefers to be called her nickname, "Kurumi"Ch 11 Kurumi is extremely jealous of Sawako, which led her to spread fake rumors of Sawako's only friends at the time, Yoshida and Yano, using Sawako's nameVol 4 Kurumi does not attend the same class as Sawako or Kazehaya During the next series of events it comes out that the middle school "Kazehaya is Everyone's" alliance had been Kurumi's idea, in order to preserve her own chances with KazehayaCh 11 She eventually confesses her love to Kazehaya, but receives an expected rejectionCh 17 Because she is always surprised with Sawako's naiveté, Kurumi, in her own words, "You just don't get it, do you! Sawako-chan, when I'm talking to you I get irritated and say what I really mean",Ch 12 and regards her as a rival for Kazehaya's affectionCh 17 Following Kazehaya's rejection, she becomes colder to her classmates, but is able to finally express her feelings and personality When Sawako hesitates on expressing her feelings, Kurumi tells Sawako that Sawako is not worthy of being a rival, but changes her mind after hearing that Sawako and Shota have become a coupleCh 43 She even defends Sawako against some other jealous girls, and got angry at Miura Kento for saying unnecessary things to Sawako that had caused a rift between Sawako and ShotaCh 43 Despite Kurumi's harsh personality, she is deep down, a stubborn, clear minded young woman who had stooped to unfair tricks to win a person's heart but has since learned better Kento Miura 三浦 健人, Miura Kento Voiced by: Mamoru Miyano anime A student who sits next to Sawako at the beginning of their second yearCh 29 Miura considers himself fairly popular among the girls, but he immediately expresses an interest in Sawako that Kazehaya becomes a little jealousCh 29 Miura assumes Kazehaya likes Sawako because he feels sorry for her, and tries to persuade Kazehaya to not be as involved in Sawako's lifeCh 31 His interference with Sawako and Kazehaya's developing relationship irritates AyaneCh  He expresses gratitude over the fact that the two began dating before he fell in love with herCh 51 In recent chapters, however, it hints that Kento may be developing a sort of attraction for Ayane and has helped her through some difficult timesCh  He tends to help girls with broken relationships, as he continues to grow feelings for Ayane, he seeks advices from Sawako and KazehayaCh  It is from Kazehaya that Kento finds out that Ayane has been slapped by one of her ex-boyfriendsCh 

Tomoko "Tomo" Endo 遠藤 朋子, Endō Tomoko and Eriko "Ekko" Hirano 平野 依里子, Hirano Eriko Voiced by: Mayuki Makiguchi Eriko Hirano, Voiced by: Miho Miyagawa Tomoko Endou Endou and Hirano are classmates of Sawako, and also members of her study group After Sawako begins to open up, Endou and Hirano become some of her first friends and try to find ways to encourage her to be less formal around them They both become close friends of Sawako, who shows her appreciation of their friendship by making them Christmas gifts in addition to those she makes for her parents, Ayane, Chizuru, and KazehayaVol 6 Soichi "Joe" Jonouchi 城ノ内 宗一, Jōnouchi Sōichi Voiced by: Masahiro Yamanaka One of Sawako's classmates, easily swayed by other people He generally appears in the background Jounouchi is very attached to Kazehaya, which usually results in him unwittingly interrupting conversations between Sawako and Kazehaya At one point, he is rejected after confessing to a girl he liked and is comforted by Kazehaya After hearing about how Yano broke up with her boyfriend, he sets his attention on her though she is not interested in himVol 6 It appears Joe is a character used for comedic value, often blundering with simple tasks or interrupting serious momentsCh 39 He does not seem to take hints nor does he often realize his mistakes when they are pointed out Toru Sanada 真田 徹, Sanada Tōru Voiced by: Wataru Hatano Tōru is Ryu's older brother by eight years and Chizuru's crush since she was youngCh 19 Although he is Ryu's brother and they resemble one another, their personalities are nearly oppositeCh 20 Tōru resembles Kazehaya personality-wise and looks extremely refreshing, except much more mature He lives three hours away from his parents' house but much to Chizuru's surprise, on his visit with the family he introduced his fianceeCh 20 He cares about Ryu and Chizuru a lot, and eventually tells Chizuru he loves her like a little sisterCh 23 He calls Chizuru by the nickname "Chii" because a person has to smile when saying it, and he wanted to cheer her upCh 23 Yoshiyuki "Zen" Arai 荒井 善行, Arai Yoshiyuki Voiced by: Takuma Suzuki The original home room teacher of Sawako's class He and Pin have the same surname, but are not related To distinguish between the two teachers Yoshiyuki Arai is nicknamed "Zen", which is an alternate reading of the kanji for "Yoshi" He seems to be afraid of Sawako and the rumors surrounding her as "Sadako" Early in the series, he falls ill and has to take a leave of absence from school; because of that, students often believe that Sawako has cursed him Arai is newly-wed and eventually retires from teaching in order to help his wife's family business a sake brewery, resulting in Pin taking over his class permanentlyCh 25 Shino 詩乃 Voiced by: Kanae Oki The only link to Sawako's past, Shino was her elementary school classmate and the only person who Sawako talks to as the series begins During elementary school, by mistake, Shino called Sawako "Sadako" When they attended the same middle school, the boys in their class, afraid by Sawako's appearance, heard rumors that she was known as "Sadako," and since then it became her nickname It is because of this, that Shino feels guilty about the rumors circulating over Sawako that started from her calling her "Sadako" Thus she cares about Sawako and whether she is fitting into high school Shino is in a different class and regrets that she doesn't get to see Sawako very much She is a cipher, appearing only occasionally as a catalyst for Sawako's interactions with other people Perhaps for story reasons, Sawako is too modest to consider her as a friend According to Shiina, Shino was an unnamed character in the manga, but was named by the staff for the anime Shiina also wrote that "Shino-chan in the anime is really cute"Vol 10 Chigusa Takahashi 高橋 千草, Takahashi Chigusa Voiced by: Yurin A classmate of Sawako, Takahashi sits behind Sawako after the seating arrangements change for the third term of first year She enjoys teasing Sawako and Ayane remarks that Takahashi is eccentric According to Shiina, she was just Takahashi-san in the manga, but has the given name Chigusa in the anime show and from volume 10 onwardsVol 10 Yagi 八木 A classmate of Sawako who sits next to her after the seating arrangements change during the third term of first year He often consults her on supposedly spiritual or occult concerns Mogi 茂木 Mogi is a new character introduced in the recent chapters of the manga He is a boy from Class 2-B In Chapter 54, he asks Ayane to date him, to which she immediately agrees Ayane breaks up with him in Chapter 59



Originally planned on being a one-shot to be compiled in her previous work, Crazy For You, Shiina decided to expand the story and make it into a full seriesch 1:author's note It has been running in Japan in Bessatsu Margaret since the September 2005 issue of the magazine, with 27 compiled volumes as of September 23, 2016 Shiina took a break starting in the March 2009 issue to have a baby;7 serialization resumed in the October issue5 The series is licensed by Viz Media for an English-language North American release

No Japanese release date Japanese ISBN North American release date North American ISBN
1 May 25, 20068 ISBN 4-08-846061-8 August 4, 20099 ISBN 1-4215-2755-3
  • 0 "Prologue"
  • 1 "Seat Change"
  • 2 "After School"
  • 3 "Smile"
2 September 25, 200610 ISBN 4-08-846094-4 October 6, 200911 ISBN 978-1-4215-2756-7
  • 4 "Rumors"
  • 5 "True Intention"
  • 6 "Resolution"
  • 7 "Friends"
3 January 25, 200712 ISBN 978-4-08-846134-2 February 2, 201013 ISBN 978-1-4215-2757-4
  • 8 "Saturday Night"
  • 9 "Practicing on My Own"
  • 10 "A New Friend"
  • 11 "Support"
4 May 25, 200714 ISBN 978-4-08-846174-8 May 4, 201015 ISBN 978-1-4215-2786-4
  • 12 "Special"
  • 13 "I Want to Know"
  • 14 "To Love Someone"
  • 15 "Crush"
  • 16 "Kurumi"
5 November 22, 200716 ISBN 978-4-08-846237-0 August 3, 201017 ISBN 978-1-4215-2787-1
  • 17 "Rival"
  • 18 "Weekend"
  • 19 "Chizuru's Crush"
  • 20 "Big Brother's Homecoming"
6 March 25, 200818 ISBN 978-4-08-846278-3 November 2, 201019 ISBN 978-1-4215-2788-8
  • 21 "Dream"
  • 22 "Miniskirt"
  • 23 "First Snow"
  • 24 "Christmas"
7 July 25, 200820 ISBN 978-4-08-846313-1 February 1, 201121 ISBN 978-1-4215-3175-5
  • 25 "Couple"
  • 26 "Birthday"
  • 27 "New Year's"
  • 28 "Valentine's Day"
8 November 25, 200822 ISBN 978-4-08-846356-8 May 3, 201123 ISBN 978-1-4215-3176-2
  • 29 "Junior Year"
  • 30 "Forget About That"
  • 31 "Apart"
  • 32 "You Don't Understand Her"
  • 33 "Run"
  • KimiTodo Friend Notebook
9 September 11, 200924 ISBN 978-4-08-846440-4 July 5, 201125 ISBN 978-1-4215-3688-0
  • 34 "Someone He Likes"
  • 35 "Kindness and Causing Trouble"
  • 36 "Haven't You Been Paying Attention"
  • 37 "Give Her Up"
  • 38 "Reach Him"
10 January 13, 201026 ISBN 978-4-08-846481-7 September 6, 201127 ISBN 978-1-4215-3822-8
  • 39 "The Confession"
  • 40 "Right Now"
  • 41 "After the Festival"
  • 42 "Sawako and Kurumi"
11 June 11, 201028 ISBN 978-4-08-846539-5 November 1, 201129 ISBN 978-1-4215-3922-5
  • 43 "Because of You"
  • 44 "At That Time"
  • 45 "Almost Summer Break"
  • 46 "Date"
12 September 24, 201030 ISBN 978-4-08-846568-5 January 3, 201231 ISBN 978-1-4215-4023-8
  • 47 "Just a Little Bit"
  • 48 "Do I Look Normal"
  • 49 "There's No Way I Would Hate You"
  • 50 "You're Too Loud"
13 March 11, 201132 ISBN 978-4-08-846635-4 March 6, 2012 ISBN 978-1-4215-4120-4
  • 51 "Summer and the Beach"
  • 52 "The Kazehaya Family"
  • 53 "First Name"
  • 54 "Encounter"
  • 55 "School Trip"
Chizuru is tired of summer school so she and the gang go to the beach Kazehaya invites Sawako to his place to study and to meet his family: first his mother, and then his brother and father As the second semester begins, and everyone gets excited for the school field trip to tropical Okinawa Things change for the good, but then a boy confesses to Ayane
14 September 13, 201133 ISBN 978-4-08-846635-4 June 5, 2012 ISBN 978-1-4215-4266-9
  • 56 "From Morning to Night"
  • 57 "Kiss"
  • 58 "How to Act"
  • 59 "Free Time"
15 January 25, 201234 ISBN 978-4-08-846738-2 November 6, 201235 ISBN 978-1-4215-4919-4
  • 60 "It's Over"
  • 61 "That's Not True"
  • 62 "And Now"
  • 63 "Let's End It"
16 May 11, 201236 ISBN 978-4-08-846772-6 April 2, 2013 ISBN 9781421551616
  • 64 "Let's Have A Christmas Party!"
  • 65 "Together With Everyone"
  • 66 "Complications"
  • 67 "Uncontrollable Feelings"
17 September 25, 201237 ISBN 978-4-08-846829-7 August 6, 2013 ISBN 9781421554785
  • 68 "Christmas Party"
  • 69 "Special Gifts"
  • 70 "I'll Treasure You"
  • 71 "Final Kiss"
18 January 25, 201338 ISBN 978-4-08-846881-5 January 7, 2014 ISBN 978-1421559179
  • 72
  • 73
  • 74
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19 June 25, 201339 ISBN 978-4-08-845059-9 June 3, 2014 ISBN 978-1421567808
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20 October 25, 201340 ISBN 978-4-08-845114-5 December 2, 2014 ISBN 978-1421573359
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21 March 25, 201441 ISBN 978-4-08-845181-7 June 2, 2015 ISBN 978-1421578705
  • 84
  • 85
  • 86
  • 87
22 September 12, 201442 ISBN 978-4-08-845261-6 September 1, 2015 ISBN 978-1421580838
  • 88
  • 89
  • 90
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23 January 23, 201543 ISBN 978-4-08-845331-6 January 5, 2016 ISBN 978-1-42-158265-8
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24 July 24, 201544 ISBN 978-4-08-845418-4 May 3, 2016 ISBN 978-1-42-158586-4
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25 December 25, 201545 ISBN 978-4-08-845498-6 September 6, 2016 ISBN 978-1-42-158853-7
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26 May 25, 201646 ISBN 978-4-08-845576-1 March 7, 2017 ISBN 978-1-42-159163-6
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  • 107
27 September 23, 201646 ISBN 978-4-08-845636-2 September 5, 2017 ISBN 978-1-42-159504-7
  • 108
  • 109
  • 110
  • 111

Light novelsedit

Kimi ni Todoke has been adapted into two series of light novels in Japan released by Shueisha, one under their Cobalt imprint and one under their newer Mirai Bunko imprint47 Fifteen volumes have been released so far in the Cobalt imprint series; the first was released on August 1, 2007 and most recent on January 30, 20154849 They are being written by Kanae Shimokawa, who also novelized the Nana movie and Yukan Clubch 26:author note#2 Thirteen volumes of the Mirai Bunko version have been released thus far; the first on March 1, 2011 and most recent on June 5, 20155051

A separate volume was released September 11, 200952 The volume took the place of the manga in Bessatsu Margaret magazine while Karuho Shiina took a break due to her pregnancy; it contains the story of Kazehaya and Sawako's first meeting, before the events of the manga7

Cobalt Imprint Volumesedit

No Japanese release date Japanese ISBN
01 August 1, 200748 ISBN 978-4-08-601059-7
02 November 1, 200753 ISBN 978-4-08-601096-2
03 April 25, 200854 ISBN 978-4-08-601165-5
04 November 28, 200855 ISBN 978-4-08-601242-3
05 October 2, 200956 ISBN 978-4-08-601342-0
06 January 29, 201057 ISBN 978-4-08-601381-9
07 July 1, 201058 ISBN 978-4-08-601424-3
08 October 30, 201059 ISBN 978-4-08-601461-8
09 April 1, 201160 ISBN 978-4-08-601519-6
10 September 30, 201161 ISBN 978-4-08-601573-8
11 March 1, 201249 ISBN 978-4-08-601619-3
12 June 30, 201262 ISBN 978-4-08-601654-4
13 June 29, 201363 ISBN 978-4-08-601741-1
14 April 1, 201464 ISBN 978-4-08-601801-2
15 January 30, 201565 ISBN 978-4-08-601849-4
16 December 25, 201566 ISBN 978-4-08-601887-6

Mirai Bunko Imprint Volumesedit

No Japanese release date Japanese ISBN
01 March 1, 201150 ISBN 978-4-08-321003-7
02 April 5, 201167 ISBN 978-4-08-321012-9
03 July 5, 201168 ISBN 978-4-08-321028-0
04 October 5, 201169 ISBN 978-4-08-321046-4
05 February 3, 201251 ISBN 978-4-08-321069-3

Video gameedit

Banpresto released a game for the Nintendo DS in Japan based upon the series on October 16, 2009, entitled Kimi ni Todoke ~Sodateru Omoi~ 君に届け ~育てる想い~70 A second Nintendo DS game, also from Banpresto, was released in the Spring of 2011 under the title Kimi ni Todoke ~Tsutaeru Kimochi~ 君に届け〜伝えるキモチ〜7172


Main article: List of Kimi ni Todoke episodes

The first season of the Kimi ni Todoke anime adaptation aired between October 2009 and March 20105 A second season was announced in the November 2010 issue of Betsuma magazine73 The second season aired in Japan on NTV on January 2011 Both seasons of the anime are produced by Production IG and directed by Hiro Kaburagi The music is done by SENS Project, with the opening sung by Tomofumi Tanizawa and the ending by Chara NIS America announced at Anime Expo 2011 that they have licensed the first season of Kimi ni Todoke74 They released the first season on DVD/Blu-ray on January 10, 2012, and released the second season later that year75

Live-action filmedit

Main article: Kimi ni Todoke film

The February 2010 issue of Bessatsu Margaret released in January 2010, announced that a live-action film adaptation of the series had been approved76 Mikako Tabe and Haruma Miura starred in the film, released in Japanese theatres on September 25, 2010 and directed by Naoto Kumazawa777879 The Live-action movie was released on Blu-ray and DVD on March 11, 201180



Volumes of the series commonly rank in listings of top selling manga in Japan, however, only volumes 1-23 have been currently published in English:

Oricon's Japanese Comic Ranking
Notes Refs
4 2 81
5 1 82
6 2 21st best-selling manga in 2008 8384
7 1 20th best-selling manga in 2008 8485
8 1 11th best-selling manga in first half 2009, in top 25 for 2009 868788
9 1 peaked at second week of sales, top 25 best-selling manga in 2009 8889
10 1 Oricon's 13th best-selling manga in 2010 9091
11 1 Oricon's 15th best-selling manga in 20109192
12 1 93
13 1 94
14 1 714,858 copies largest number sold in a week for the series volume 9595
15 1 96
16 1 97
17 1 6 weeks 98
18 1 7 weeks 99
19 1 4 weeks 100
20 1 6 weeks 101

At the debut of the twelfth volume, all twelve of the current volumes were ranked on Oricon's list of 100 best-selling manga for the week According to Anime News Network, Kimi ni Todoke is now the "shōjo manga with the most #1 books and the most books to sell one million copies since 2008" in Japan93 The series was the third best-selling manga series in Japan in 2010, with 6,572,813 copies sold102 As of the release of the 16th volume in May 2012, Kimi ni Todoke will have reached a total of over 20 million copies in print103 In 2013, Kimi ni Todoke sold over 34 million copies, placing 11th on Oricon's best selling manga series for that year104

Anime News Network called the series "hands down one of the best new English-translated manga series of 2009" and suggested that everyone, not just shōjo manga fans, read the series105 The first volume of the series was listed as a "Hot Fall Graphic Novel" for libraries in the teen section by YALSA106 The series was also listed in the Best Comics for Teens category of the School Library Journal's Best Comics for Kids in 2009 list107 Kimi ni Todoke has also been included on the American Library Association's list of 2010 Great Graphic Novels for Teens108

Live actionedit

According to Oricon, the series was listed as 3rd on a list of titles that Japanese readers wanted a drama adaptation for109 The live action movie adaptation opened at second place in Kogyo Tsushinsha's box office chart during its first week in Japanese theaters93 The movie was number 3 on Box Office Mojo's chart during its first two days, earning the equivalent to US $2,770,613 on 285 screens110


Many of the first season volumes have sold well in the first week of release to be ranked on the weekly Oricon Sales Chart for Japan's Animation DVDs

Volume # Sales Period Copies Ranking
2 January 25–31, 2010 7,449 19th111
3 February 22–28, 2010 7,557 18th112
5 April 19–26, 2010 7,136 17th113
6 May 24–30, 2010 7,035 12th114
7 June 21–27, 2010 6,613 14th115
8 July 12–18, 2010 6,125 20th116

The second season of the anime was number one in a poll of Dengeki Online readers as their most anticipated anime series debuting in January 2011117 Anime News Network reviewer Carl Kimlinger gave the second season 4½ out of 5 stars, saying, "This remains the finest series of its type since Lovely Complex, and the most beautiful sincewell, I don't know when"118 Japanese viewers voted it the most enjoyable anime of the Winter 2011 season during a poll taken just before the season ended119

Works citededit

  • ^ "Ch" and "Vol " is shortened form for chapter and volume and refers to a chapter or volume number of the Kimi ni Todoke manga Kimi ni Todoke manga volumes by Shiina, Karuho Original Japanese version published by Shueisha English translation published by Viz Media


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