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The Kermeter is an upland region, up to 5278 m above sea level NN, which is part of the Rureifel within the North Eifel in the districts of Aachen, Düren and Euskirchen in the southwestern part of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia in Germany

The Kermeter ridge is covered by a forest, some 33 km² in area, that is one of the largest contiguous, deciduous forests in the Rhineland Since 1 January 2004 it has formed the core zone of the Eifel National Park


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The Kermeter lies on the territory of the three Eifel parishes of Heimbach, Simmerath and Schleiden It is bordered to the north and west by the Rur Reservoir around 2815 m above NN and thus by the Rur valley near Heimbach, to the southwest by the Obersee a pre-basin of the Rur Dam, and in the south by the Urft Reservoir at around 3225 m above NN and thus the Urft valley In the southwest the Kermeter transitions into Wolfgarten and Gemünd in the direction of the upper reaches of the Rotbach

The highest point in the Kermeter is an unnamed rounded summit 5278 m above NN near Wolfgarten, on which the fire service and observation tower, the Wolfgarten Fire Watchtower Feuerwachtturm Wolfgarten, stands a list of other Kermeter hills is given below

Landscape and nature

Trail through the beech forest Southern hillside of the Kermeter with oak woods and slate crags

The Kermeter covers an area of 3,592 hectares, of which about 3,300 hectares is a single forested area the so-called Kermeter-Hochwald or Kermeter High Forest Beech woods dominate the shaded, damp northern slopes 24%, in places with trees that are over 200 years old Oak woods hold sway on the drier, southern slopes 26%, interrupted by rocky outcrops Felsheide At the start of the 21st century almost half the forest area still consisted of spruce trees, a consequence of reforestation measures after the Second World War However it is planned that in the long term the spruce stock will be reduced in favour of deciduous woods


Amongst the hills and high points of the Kermeter are the following, according to the Deutsche Grundkarte and sorted by height in metres above sea level:

  • Unnamed summit near Wolfgarten 5278 m, Euskirchen district; highest hill in the Kermeter; with an observation tower and the Wolfgarten Fire Watchtower Feuerwachtturm Wolfgarten
  • Hellberg 5258 m
  • Wildbretshügel 5253 m, Euskirchen district; good views of the Rur Reservoir
  • Theissenberg 5224 m, Euskirchen district
  • Verbrannter Berg 5155 m; with the Verbrannter Berg ancient forest Urwald Verbrannter Berg
  • Winterberg Wolfgarten 5034 m; with Kermeterstollen below its western hillside
  • Mauelter Berg 5024 m; with fire watchtower incl transmitter and hunting lodge
  • Honigberg 495 m, Kreis Düren district
  • Schweizer Berge, slate formation on the southern outskirts of the Urftsee lake max 4822 m
  • Böttenbachsberg 4666 m
  • Weidenauer Berg 4533 m, Kreis Düren district
  • Adamsberg 4438 m
  • Altenberg 4230 m; near Mariawald Abbey
  • Griesberg 4213 m; near Mariawald Abbey
  • Winterberg southern Kermeter 4048 m
  • Hohenberg 3637 m
  • Tonsberg 3333 m; with ruined castle cultural monument

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Further reading

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50°35′157″N 6°29′417″E / 50587694°N 6494917°E / 50587694; 6494917


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