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Kampala–Mityana Road

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The Kampala–Mityana Road is a road in the Central Region of Uganda, connecting the capital city of Kampala to the town of Mityana in Mityana District


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The road begins in the Busega neighborhood, in Lubaga Division, northwestern Kampala It continues through Buloba, Bujuuko, and Zigoti, to end at Masaka, a distance of approximately 60 kilometres 37 mi


Prior to 2009, the road was gravel surfaced, in poor condition As far back as 2003, the government of Uganda planned to upgrade the road surface

Upgrade to bitumen surface

In 2009, work to upgrade the road surface to grade II bitumen class, with shoulders, culverts and drainage channels The road was divided into two sections: a Busega–Muduuma, measuring 27 kilometres 17 mi, was contracted to Spencon Services Limited with Stirling Civil Engineering Limited b Muduuma–Mityana, measuring 30 kilometres 19 mi, was contracted to Dott Services Limited Lea International Limited Canada was the supervising contractor for both sections The road was successfully completed in 2012

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  • Website of Uganda National Roads Authority
  • Plane lands on Mityana road

Coordinates: 00°22′38″N 32°09′20″E / 037722°N 3215556°E / 037722; 3215556

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