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Kampala–Masaka Road

kampala masaka road, kampala masaka road map
The Kampala–Masaka Road is a road in the Central Region of Uganda, connecting the capital city of Kampala to the southwestern town of Masaka in Masaka District The first 36 kilometres 22 mi of this road, is in the process of being developed into the Kampala–Mpigi Expressway


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The road begins in the Kibuye neighborhood, in Makindye Division, southwestern Kampala It continues to Busega, then through Kyengera, Nsangi, Mpigi and Lukaya, to end at Masaka, a distance of approximately 127 kilometres 79 mi


This road is one of the busiest in the country, with an average daily traffic count of 20,908 vehicles in 2008 In 2009, the government of Uganda GOU, began to upgrade the previously bitumen-surfaced road in poor state, to grade II bituminous surface with drainage channels, culverts and shoulders The first phase of improvements began in 2009 and ended in 2011, fully funded by the GOU The first phase cost US$448 million about Sh103 billion

During the second phase of the road improvement, the road was widened from 65 metres 21 ft to 11 metres 36 ft, passing and climbing lanes were added as well as pedestrian and bicyclists' lanes The work was contracted to Reynolds Construction Company, who had carried out he first phase The second phase lasted from 2012 until 2013 Despite the improvements, the road remains one of the most accident-prone highways in the country


The Kampala–Masaka Road is the most accident-prone stretch of highway in Uganda, recording between 200 to 300 fatalities annually Ugandan officials attribute the high accident rate to several factors including a speeding b failure to observe traffic signs c overloading of passenger vehicles d overloading of merchandise trucks e dilapidated vehicles f driving while intoxicated g lax laws against traffic offenses h a slow justice system

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  • Website of Uganda National Roads Authority
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kampala masaka road, kampala masaka road map

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