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Kampala–Hoima Road

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The Kampala–Hoima Road is a road in the Central and Western regions of Uganda, connecting the cities of Kampala and Hoima A section of this road, between Namungoona and Busunju, is being developed into the Kampala–Busunju Expressway


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The road begins in Kampala, Uganda's capital and largest city, running in a northwestern direction through six districts to end in Hoima, the headquarters of the country's nascent petrochemical industry, a distance of approximately 202 kilometres 126 mi


The highway is an all-weather tarmac single carriageway road It offers the most direct route from Kampala to the oil-rich Albertine region in the Western Region

Upgrade to tarmac

Before 2006, the road was gravel surfaced The government of Uganda contracted for the road to be upgraded to class II bitumen surface with shoulders, drainage channels, and culverts The upgrade lasted until 2009

See also

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External links

  • Government Teams-up With World Bank To Build Over $15b Road Projects
  • UNRA paves 1200km roads; 5,000km for tarmacking by 2016

Coordinates: 00°55′29″N 31°45′26″E / 092472°N 3175722°E / 092472; 3175722

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