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Jolla (smartphone)

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The Jolla smartphone is a smartphone produced by Jolla1 that runs the Sailfish OS, released on 27 November 2013 and manufactured in Chinacitation needed


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First unveiled deviceedit

On 20 May 2013, after IamTheOtherHalf internet campaign, Jolla unveiled the following details and design of their first device:

  • 45 in IPS qHD 540×960 "Estrade" display
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 14 GHz dual-core
  • 16 GB of storage memory
  • microSD support
  • 8 MPix AF camera, back
  • 2 MPix camera, front
  • 2100 mAh user-replaceable battery
  • "The Other Half"
  • Gesture-based Sailfish OS
  • Android applications compliant
  • MicroUSB
  • 35 mm headphone jack
  • Buttonless display, gesture navigation
  • Device in English language version
  • Qt, QML, HTML5 see: Sailfish OS architecture

The Sailfish OS SDK was published at the end of February 2013

Retail availabilityedit

Jolla started shipping the phone in late November 2013 At first the phone could only be ordered on the web from within the European Union Currently it is available worldwide from the Jolla internet store7 It is not available in the US via the website or any other outlet

The phone also became available in the stores of the Finnish carrier DNA on 11 December 20138

On 28 April 2014, the Jolla phone became available in Estonia at the outlets of Elisa Eesti, the first operator outside Finland to offer the phone in their shops7

On 25 July 2014 Jolla opened the first Jolla store in Kazakhstan in association with Mobile Invest9

On 12 August 2014 Jolla was launched in Hong Kong in a partnership with 3 Hong Kong10

In September 2014, Jolla launched in India on e-retailer Snapdealcom11

In November 2014, Jolla launched in Russia

See alsoedit

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  • Sailfish OS
  • Jolla Tablet
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  • Sailfish Alliance – companies supporting and promoting Sailfish OS in frames of the open alliance


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External linksedit

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  • Official video on YouTube

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