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John Laurent Giles

John 'Jack' Laurent Giles 1901–1969 was a naval architect who was particularly famous for his sailing yachts He and his company, Laurent Giles & Partners Ltd, designed more than 1000 boats from cruisers and racing yachts to megayachts

Notable examples of Laurent Giles' work include the famous 25-foot 76 m Vertue sail numbers suggest that some 230 of these have been made, Wanderer III, the 30' sloop in which Eric and Susan Hiscock circumnavigated, and the race-winning Gulvain, the first ocean racing yacht to be made from an aluminium alloy

His famous Myth of Malham, a revolutionary small displacement yacht for John Illingworth, was inspired by developments in aeronautics; the novel design helped win the Fastnet race in 1947 and 1949 The updated Miranda IV of 1951 had a rudder mounted separately from the aft of the keel a 'spade rudder' which heralded the arrival of the modern period of yacht design

Laurent Giles described as part of his design philosophy that a yacht should have "the utmost docility and sureness of manoeuvring at sea, in good or bad weather" - his boats were designed to maintain a steady course with minimal action by the helmsman but respond instantly to the helm if the need arose

He was awarded the honour of Royal Designer for Industry in 1951


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List of Designs by Laurent Giles

  • First Yacht Lutine C&N 60'
  • Gulvain
  • Jolly Boat Laurent Giles
  • Lymington-L-Class 1933 and the later modified/ revised L-Class design of 1955
  • Maid of Malin
  • Peter Duck yacht
  • Robert C Seamans ship
  • Sails Of Dawn, Mc Gruer 57' 1969 final yacht before death
  • Seamaster Sailer 19
  • Seamaster Sailer 23
  • Vertue yacht
  • Vertue II- a beamier version of the original Vertue design, mostly made in GRP
  • Wanderer Class, 29’9”, 9 tons
  • Westerly Yachts Westerly Marine Construction Ltd - a number of designs, including their Centaur 26, Pageant 24, Chieftain 26, Longbow 31, Westerly 33, Discus 33 and Konsort 29

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External links

  • Laurent Giles Naval Architects
  • Sailboat designs of Jack Laurent Giles at Sailboatdatacom
  • The Laurent Giles Archive includes a full register of yachts; original construction and outfit drawings for many of projects produced by Laurent Giles & partners Ltd 1927 - 1979, Laurent Giles Ltd 1979 - 1987and Laurent Giles Naval Architects Ltd 1987 - present are available
  • Brief biography of Laurent Giles in Spanish


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