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John Grant (novelist)

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John Grant born 1933 is a British doctor and writer, best known as the author of the Lovejoy series of novels using the pen name Jonathan Gash He has also written under the name of Graham Gaunt

Born in Bolton, Lancashire, Grant was educated at St Peter and St Paul's Primary School, then Thornleigh College, before studying medicine and qualifying as a doctor He served in the British Army, attaining the rank of Major in the Royal Army Medical Corps, and has also worked as a general practitioner and as a pathologist Between 1971 and 1988 he was director of bacteriology at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine of the University of London

Grant won the John Creasey Award in 1977 for his first Lovejoy novel, The Judas Pair He is also the author of a series of medical thrillers featuring the character Dr Clare Burtonall, and a novel, The Incomer, as Graham Gaunt He has also published work in the periodical Postscripts

Grant lives near Colchester in Essex, the setting for many of his novels


His Lovejoy novels, written as Jonathan Gash, include:

  • The Judas Pair 1977
  • Gold By Gemini 1978
  • The Grail Tree 1979
  • Spend Game 1980
  • The Vatican Rip 1981
  • Firefly Gadroon 1982
  • The Sleepers of Erin 1983
  • The Gondola Scam 1984
  • Pearlhanger 1985
  • The Tartan Ringers 1986 aka The Tartan Sell
  • Moonspender 1986
  • Jade Woman 1988
  • The Very Last Gambado 1989
  • The Great California Game 1991
  • The Lies of Fair Ladies 1992
  • Paid and Loving Eyes 1993
  • The Sin Within Her Smile 1993
  • The Grace in Older Women 1995
  • The Possessions of a Lady 1995
  • The Rich and the Profane 1998
  • A Rag, a Bone and a Hank of Hair 1999
  • Every Last Cent 2001
  • Ten Word Game 2003
  • Faces in the Pool 2008
  • Lovejoy at Large omnibus 1991
  • Lovejoy at Large Again omnibus 1993
  • Lovejoy Omnibus omnibus 1997

His Dr Clare Burtonall series, also written as Jonathan Gash, includes:

  • Different Women Dancing 1997
  • Prey Dancing 1998
  • Die Dancing 2000
  • Bone Dancing 2002
  • Blood Dancing 2006

Other novels written as Jonathan Gash include:

  • The Year of the Woman 2004
  • Finding Davey 2005
  • Bad Girl Magdalene 2007
  • Preddy Boy 2013


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