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John Frederick Maurice

john frederick denison maurice, john frederick maurice
Major-General Sir John Frederick Maurice KCB 24 May 1841 – 12 January 1912 was a senior British Army officer, chiefly remembered for his military writings[1]


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Family and early life

Maurice was born in Southwark, London in 1841, the eldest son of Rev Frederick Denison Maurice, an Anglican priest, theologian and author He published several volumes on his father's life in 1884[2]

He was educated at the Royal India Military College, Addiscombe, and the Royal Military Academy, Woolwich, and entered the Royal Artillery in 1861[1]


Maurice served as private secretary to Sir Garnet Wolseley in the Ashanti Campaign of 1873–1874; in the Zulu War in 1880; was deputy assistant adjutant general of the Egyptian expedition in 1882; and was brevetted colonel in 1885 In 1885–1892 he was professor of military history at the Staff College, Camberley, and in 1895 was promoted to major general Later in his career he was commander of the Woolwich District until September 1902[3]

In 1905, Maurice was part of a team which went to Berlin to negotiate with the Germans on the problems of the Navy estimates and the escalating threat posed to the Empire In January 1906, news was leaked to The Times that implicated him in the leaking of war material purchases, which he had discussed[4] Campbell-Bannerman complained to Sir Edward Grey, the Foreign Secretary of "an outrageous interview with Genl Sir F Maurice in a French paper, describing all that wd happen if Germany & France went to war; how we of course should join France"[5]

Later in the same parliament British government policy evolved around Grey's adherence to the Entente Cordiale and the British willingness to defend the neutrality of the Low Countries[6]

Personal life

In Dublin in 1869, Maurice married Annie FitzGerald, the daughter of Richard Augustine FitzGerald They had a large family of at least 11 children
His eldest son was Sir Frederick Maurice 1871–1951[1]
His second daughter Annie married John Macmillan Bishop of Guildford


Maurice's reputation depends chiefly on his military writings, which include:

  • Hostilities without Declaration of War 1883
  • Popular History of Ashanti Campaign 1874
  • A life of his father, John Frederick Denison Maurice 1884
  • The Balance of Military Power in Europe 1888
  • War 1891
  • National Defenses 1897
  • The Franco-German War, 1870–1871 1900
  • Diary of Sir John Moore 1904
  • History of the War in South Africa, an official account four volumes, 1906–1910

Further reading

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External links

  • Works by John Frederick Maurice at Project Gutenberg
  • Works by or about John Frederick Maurice at Internet Archive

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