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John A. Peacock

david a. peacock, john a. peacock cambridge
John Andrew Peacock, FRS, FRSE born 27 March 1956[1] is a British cosmologist, astronomer, and academic He has been Professor of Cosmology at the University of Edinburgh since 1998[2] He was joint-winner of the 2014 Shaw Prize[3]


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  • 2 Personal life
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Early life and education

Peacock was born on 27 March 1956 in Shaftesbury, Dorset, England, to Arthur Peacock and Isobel Peacock née Moir[1][4] He studied Natural Sciences at Jesus College, Cambridge, and graduated with a first class Bachelor of Arts BA degree in 1977[1] He then undertook postgraduate research at the University of Cambridge's Cavendish Laboratory under the supervision of M S Longair and J V Wall[1] He completed his Doctor of Philosophy PhD degree in 1981 with a doctoral thesis titled "The radio spectra and cosmological evolution of extragalactic radio sources"[5]

Personal life

In 1982, Peacock married Heather She is a nurse and medical educator Together, they have three children[6]


In 2006, Peacock was elected Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh FRSE[7] In 2007, he was elected Fellow of the Royal Society FRS[8] In 2014, he was jointly awarded the Shaw Prize for Astronomy 'for their contributions to the measurements of features in the large-scale structure of galaxies used to constrain the cosmological model including baryon acoustic oscillations and redshift-space distortions' His co-recipients were Daniel Eisenstein and Shaun Cole[3]


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david a. peacock, john a. peacock, john a. peacock cambridge

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